Welcome to 3040 and Beyond

You’ve heard that this is more than just a course in professional communication, but what does that mean? It means that we’ll go beyond simply becoming familiar with types of professional writing and devote our time to learning skills that are vital for any career.



These objectives will be at the heart of each assignment and we will refer back to them often:


You will be asked to own your words and to think about them in terms of representation, rather than simply expression. This takes your experience with basic academic writing skills into consideration and pushes you to think of things like style, tone and voice as a part of your personal branding strategy.


You will come away from the course with a well-considered personal branding strategy and a polished application portfolio that will support your vision of yourself as a new graduate and novice professional.


You will work to further your understanding of academic research and translate those skills into ones you can use post-graduation to set yourself apart from your competition in the modern workplace.

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3040 and Beyond is housed in CU Boulder’s Division of Continuing Education | Online Credit program. This means you can complete coursework from the library or a mountaintop, as long as you have an internet connection.

Let’s get started.