Keep Going, Nothing to See Here

Nothing to See, Just Me:  Class introductions…if they’re not one of my least favorite things by now I am not sure what is, maybe an online course introduction?  I don’t want to complain, even though I am, but introductions can often be a difficult task.  We only have one shot to present ourselves to our peers and our instructors and try to send a bulls-eye first impression.  Everyone always wants to say something interesting about themselves, crack a joke, or brag about a recent accomplishment.  For me, I realize I’m not that interesting, I might be funny but in a horribly sarcastic way, and I don’t even have a college degree yet so I haven’t accomplished too much.  But I’m going to go ahead and try to tackle another class introduction the best I can!

My name is Brett Warner, if you could hear me say my name and introduce myself would probably think I just said Brent, Brad, or for some reason also often confused for Brat…not sure why anyone would think a parent would do that to their son.  Regardless, I am going to be a senior this fall at CU majoring in Communication and minoring in Business with every intention in the world to graduate in May.  Although I would love to do a 5th year or a victory lap in the following fall there is no way my parents would let me get away with that.  That’s me over on the side I don’t typically look like that or do photo shoots, if ever, but this one time was an exception for an article written about me. Nothing exciting, trust me.


This summer I am lucky enough to be back home in Chicago for the first time since freshman year or close to it.  I have been home for a few days here and there but have been pretty much a full time resident of Colorado the majority of these past three years.  I would imagine most of us know that is by no means the worst thing in the world but everyone gets a little home sick now and again and misses old friends and family, so it is nice to touch back home in the northwest side of the city for a few months.  I haven’t been home partly because I spent my last summer working and doing an internship that had me locked down in the Boulder area. This summer I landed a new internship.  I am currently an intern at Coyote Logistics also in Chicago.  My time there has been really interesting, a great experience and surprisingly fun.  I have had the opportunity to meet a lot of other interns from across the country as well as some amazing full time employees who are helping me grow every day.  Internships can be tough to occupy but I strongly suggest doing your best to take advantage of any pursuit you can.

One of the main reasons I took this course is because I feel that even though I am a business minor student I am often deprived of some of the more applicable tools that can be used in any professional setting.  When I read the description for this course it seemed to offer a lot of fine tuning of things I am somewhat familiar with such as resumes and LinkedIn.  I knew that this course would also offer things that I have had no previous experience with and new concepts that I did not see value in before.  With this course I want to be able to brand myself in a way that truly fits who I am without any fake identities or smoke and mirrors but also embodies an identity that is admirable and respected within the professional world.  As I have heard Alison discuss, I think the “growing up” of the internet is going to take hold of larger roles in our professional lives before we know it, it will be really important to be ready to fall under the microscope of all who wish to snoop.

I spend way more time on social media than I would like to admit.  Surprisingly that time has decreased significantly this summer, mostly due to work and online courses.  I do love staying in touch with others and all of the other aspects social media has to offer.  I try to mix up the other activities I’ve mentioned with skiing and just about any other athletic activity I can squeeze some time in for.  I keep thinking I need to come up with some new hobbies because I have used them about 1,000 times in introductions but they make me happy so that’s about all that counts for me.  That’s the tale of my current life, nothing too complicated and nothing too exciting.  I can’t wait to connect with everyone in the class and hopefully stumble across some familiar names.  These next five weeks are going to be tough but they will fly by!


4 thoughts on “Keep Going, Nothing to See Here

  1. Hey Brett! Despite your first paragraph, this was a fantastic introduction. Very nice to meet you. We’re in the same time zone (I’m in StL), so that’s a nice perk for us. We can do the conversion math together, since D2L is on “Boulder time.” I think you’ll find that your background in Comm will have prepared you well for a lot of the basic (writing) aspects of the course.

  2. Hi Brett! I recently visited Chicago earlier this month for my sister’s graduation from Northwestern University! I have been visiting Chicago every summer since I can remember and it’s a great place that I would love to end up in! I hope you are enjoying the perks of being a business minor, as it will make you stand out professionally among other Communications majors!

  3. I also spend way too much time on social media! I always find myself just switching back and forth between all of my social media apps just refreshing the pages. That’s super exciting that you get to be back in Chicago and have an internship! I have always wanted to go to Chicago because I heard it was a great city, but I still haven’t had the chance to check it out! You seem like a great writer, and I am excited to see what else you have to offer!

  4. Your writing is so well written, and it’s enjoyable. I have always wanted to go to Chicago, it’s great you you’re finally back home! Your internship sounds great and fun.

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