Meet Julia Grace

IMG_7398Recognizable Me: Hi everyone. My name is Julia Coats and I am an incoming senior at the University of Colorado Boulder. I am pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communications with an emphasis on News-Editorial/Public Relations with an additional field of study in Spanish. Whenever I write that all down it sounds like a mouthful, but I promise everything is under control. Actually, everything is in in way better control than I thought because I will be wrapping up my degree in December. Don’t worry, I’m sticking around for an extra semester to work and graduate in the spring with the rest of my homies.

I am what people like to consider a “tall female” but in my family I am a runt. I have one abnormally large freckle on my nose and what I believe to be a permanent wrinkle on the left side of my mouth from making one too many weird faces. I just recently turned 21, a birthday that has changed my life forever.

Most recent Coats family photo

People generally identify me as being caucasian, but I actually come from a strong latino family. I am Cuban, Spanish and Italian, all derived from my mom’s side. I have been practicing Spanish since I was 12 and am continuing to build my vocabulary and conversational skills.

Where I’m At: I was born and raised in Orange County, California with my two trendy parents and two younger sisters: ages 18 and 14. When I said that I am the runt in the family, it is because my mother is 5’10, my father is 6’5, my 18-year-old sister is 6’1 and my youngest sister is 5’11 and continuing to grow… I’ve gradually adjusted to this. I recently returned from my study abroad experience in Barcelona and decided to move back home for the summer to work. To say that I’m super bitter about being back in the U.S. would be cruel, considering how much I love my job and having In-n-Out at my fingertips again, but I really do miss my daily walks down Passeig de Gracia and paddle boarding in the Mediterranean right off Barceloneta Beach.

I am currently employed as the Public Relations Intern for Stance, an American sock company. People always give me weird looks whenever I try to explain to them what Stance is, but I always reassure them that this company and their products are dope and have them see for themselves by checking out our website: We were recently named the official sock of the NBA and are dropping a pretty big collaboration in the upcoming week. I’ve been working on the PR for this collab since I started working, so don’t be surprised if I’m screaming the news all over my blog in the weeks to come. Some of my daily tasks include editing and revising press releases, composing media alerts, building weekly press reports for the brand and seeding product to press for publication use.

What You Want: One of the main reasons why I enrolled in this class, if I’m going to be completely honest, is because it would allow me to complete my degree a semester early saving my family a lot of money, since going to CU out-of-state ain’t cheap. However, I was primarily interested in this particular writing class because it is business-related. One of the opportunities I wish I had during my undergrad was participating in more business classes. Although this class is not part of the Leeds program, a lot of the information and skills I will learn from this course correlate to business. I think a lot of the skills I will learn over the course of this summer term will help me in my future career in public relations. After reading the syllabus, I’m already surprised by how much I’m actually going to be working on that are linked to the business world. This class is a great resume booster and I’m looking forward to gaining a ton of knowledge in terms of writing in the business world.

One of my most recent Instagrams. This photo continues to bring me nostalgia for Barcelona.

Where to Find Me: I am weirdly addicted to Snapchat, so you can usually find me sending really ridiculous snaps to my friends and family on the daily. My excitement for whenever I discover a new geofilter is pretty sad and my overall score is way too embarrassing to state publicly.  Instagram is my second favorite form of social media, and you can find me at @juliacoats. Since I’ve returned from studying abroad, my pictures haven’t been flowing as frequently but I’m hoping to get back in the game once school comes around.

IMG_6110My Passions:

  • Food: I consider myself a foodie. I live and breath food, usually revolve my entire day around eating and love any kind of outing that involves going to get food. My family and I have a saying that goes “People eat to live, we live to eat.” I am obsessed with In-n-Out burger and Mexican food. Those are the keys to my heart. I’m also obsessed with Dr. Pepper, mint ice cream and sour candy.
  • Snowboarding: I have been snowboarding since I was five, and one of the main reasons why I was sold to CU was because of its location in relation to some of the top ski resorts in the country. I love the fall semester, but I get antsy for winter to come just because the feeling I can when I’m on my board is indescribable
  • Hip-Hop/Rap music: My friends actually find me to be the most ridiculous person because I can rap almost every past and present rap song word-for-word (especially Drake and Jay-Z). You can usually find me jamming out to hip-hop/rap at any moment, from drive commutes to studying to snowboarding.
  • Beyonce: Beyonce is the queen. She inspires me and her music gives me a reason to dance my butt off. I’m hoping someday our paths will collide and I will be able to meet her. That day will be the best day of my life.
  • Breast cancer awareness: My abuela (“grandmother” in Spanish) was diagnosed with breast cancer in June 2006. She was diagnosed stage 4 metastatic breast cancer, so her case was pretty severe. She fought her battle for three years and passed away in October 2009. After losing my abuela, I became really passionate about breast cancer awareness. I try and participate in Race for the Cure every year (regardless of the city I am in) and try to volunteer towards the cause at least twice a year.
  • Fashion: Ideally, I want to graduate from CU and work in the fashion industry. The majority of my family works in the industry, so growing up my life kind of revolved around fashion (specifically street wear brands). I think fashion is one of the coolest ways to express your individuality and creativity. I love shopping and trying out new trends, and I can admit that one of my fashion muses is my mom. Her closet has been very fun to raid over the years.

11 thoughts on “Meet Julia Grace

  1. Julia! Tall lady high five. I’m 5’10” — though I swear I used to be 5’11”. I don’t know where that extra inch went, but I flippin’ want it back! I’m excited to work with you this summer and I’d love to hear more about your degree.

    1. High five right back at ya! My friends hate it whenever I consider 5’8 to be short, but that’s just the sad truth of my life in my family. I would love to chat with you about my degree! It’s something I’m incredibly passionate about.

  2. Hi Julia! Your internship seems awesome, I clicked around on the stance website. My dad is a lawyer and is always in a suit but is super proud of his sock game. He always wears bright crazy socks and thinks he is hilarious. I will remember that site for his next birthday!

  3. Julia, I must say that Beyoncé is queen. That right there is very important for anyone to know. This post is awesome because it sounds like you do so many great things with your life right now! You must be so busy, I can’t even imagine. It also sounds so fun. Reading your blog was fun and I hope to see you on snapchat haha!

    1. To be honest, I love being busy so I’m truly lucky in the sense that there’s always something for me to do 🙂 See ya around Snapchat! I’ll be the one making the haneous faces.

  4. My little brother is obsessed with Stance socks! I saw your comment on my post I went to Corona del Mar High School. Also wondering your favorite restaurants around Orange County or Boulder! Im a sucker for breakfast.

    1. Our volleyball rival………. Kidding. That’s in the past! My favorite restaurants in Orange County would have to be Haute Cakes for breakfast, Bear Flag Fish CO for lunch and either True Food, The Counter or Gabby’s Mexican Kitchen for dinner. In Boulder, my favorite restaurants are hands down: The Buff, Hapa, The Kitchen and Pizzeria Locale. I’m drooling while I write these…

  5. Yess a Beyonce fan!! I cannot agree more with you, Beyonce is basically life haha I really enjoy your taste of music! Also, I am really jealous that you went to Barcelona to study abroad!

  6. COATS! Wohooo I’m so happy to have another friend in the class. Well first off, I love that you mentioned In-N-Out. My mouth is watering just typing out those words, in fact I might have to make a stop later today. Also, I didn’t know you studied abroad in Barcelona. I would love to hear more about your experience and get some pointers…I’m already struggling with trying to pack my suitcase. Anyway, I look forward to reading more of your blogs. I hope your having a great summer so far. Miss you Coats!

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