IMG_0454Recognizable Me: This is me. It is a picture of only half of my face, but I’m sure that everyone seeing this will get the gist. I have many nicknames. Some of which are normal and the others seem to be a little embarrassing. My family calls me Rae. My friends call me Gaychel or Gaych for short. I’m not sure how that name started or why… I prefer to just be called Rachel.

If there is one thing that anyone should know about me is that I will deny being called “basic.” That is why I have titled this blog the way that I have. I must admit that I do and have done many “basic” activities. Others probably think that I am “basic.” I will deny, deny, deny.

Some things that people should know about me… I was a cheerleader for a long time so I can be annoyingly peppy about things I should not feel peppy about. I joined a sorority as soon as I could (this is another reason why people think I am basic). I love puppies, babies, and long walks on the beach. More “basic” things.

On a real note… As people get to know me I think it is safe to say that people perceive me as a kindhearted girl with a genuine attitude. I am loyal, hardworking, and ambitious. I work hard to be the best person I can be, and have the best time doing so.

FullSizeRenderWhere I’m at: Currently, I’m on the island of Maui, Hawaii. I am sitting on the lanai (patio) and writing this blog post. I have been here for the past few weeks. This is one of my favorite places in the world so far. I am fortunate enough to come out here almost every year with my family. I brought my boyfriend this time. Dun dun dun.

I have had quite the busy summer with traveling to various places throughout Colorado and the US. To start off my summer, I took a road trip to Grand Haven, Michigan. It was a dreadful 16-hour drive. It was so worth the wait because I ate 8 corn dogs when I got there. We did make a little stop along the way to Michigan… In Chicago! I went to a bar to watch one of  the NHL playoff games, which so happened to be the Chicago Blackhawks.

After my adventure to Chicago and Michigan, I again was on the road to Telluride, Colorado. This is where I worked a bluegrass festival for Planet Bluegrass. I got the pleasure of working at the bar backstage. I am not 21 so this was awesome. I also got to serve beer to Ed Helms. I hope everyone knows who that is…

I am 20 years old and I am going into my junior year at CU. It was the only school that I applied to, so I feel fortunate that I got into Leeds, let alone got in. I only applied to CU because it’s the best school in the state, duh. I chose marketing as my emphasis. I disliked accounting and finance with a passion, and my management professor ruined that subject for me as well… I think marketing will be my forte.

I am currently working at a place called Aspen Tan. Yes, it is a tanning salon. No, it is not in Aspen. No, I do not tan religiously like most people think I would. It is an interesting job… I have had to see too many old naked women not know how to work a tanning bed. It has been a good learning experience, mostly because I have to market a business that I don’t necessarily believe in. I have to educate people on what it takes to tan “safely.” Whatever that means. It is not a job that I wish to continue with after college. It’s just a good way to get cash as of right now.

What I want: There are many things that I want in life, but knowing how to write is something that is a necessity for me. In all honesty, being able to write in a way that is professional, entertaining, and easy to read is very important to me. Writing is something that I will do for the rest of my life. That being emails, blogs, letters, or any form of writing. I have heard many good things about this class and Allison in general. After seeing some of the assignment prompts, I can see why people are excited about this class. What I want to learn from in this course is more about who I am. I want to learn more about myself and my potential as a writer. That is what I hope to get out of this class.

Where to find me: I’m on a lot of social media, but the best place to look at me is on my Instagram. You will find me doing adventure-type things in Hawaii, or you can look at my best friends, or look at puppies or whatever. Another place to find me is my Facebook. I happily accept friend requests from people who I know, or have mutual friends with…

During my free time I love spending time with my friends and family. Swimming with turtles has been my pastime recently, but when I get back to Boulder I plan on looking for a puppy for my parents. If anyone has suggestions/recommendations please let me know.


Published by

Rachel Davis

I am going into my Junior year at the University of Colorado at Boulder. My major is marketing. I have experience with sales and advertising.


  1. Awww, Rachel. It was nice of you to give me a compliment in your intro post. Made me blush a little. I hope the class turns out to be as good as you hope! I’m trying hard. As a former cheerleader, I salute your pep. I have a hard time keeping my exclamation points under control. Since I don’t see my students face to face any more I guess I feel like the !!!! will help them know I’m nice? Looking forward to getting to know you.

  2. Gaych, I like that nickname I think I will call you that! I have a weird nickname as well, Yemil, no clue where it came from or how it found its way to college with me. I totally relate to your thoughts on being basic, the whole concept of basic is annoying! My favorite punctuation is also the exclamation mark as well!!!!! Hawaii looks awesome:)

    1. I would love it if you called me Gaych! Good friends call me that, so I’m glad that you’ll start with that! Yemil?? That’s an unusual name but I think I’ll call you that! A soccer coach must have given it to you or something. Anyways, great to hear from you! Can’t wait to see your work!

  3. SMALL WORLD. Rachel, I’m friends with your boyfriend through Greek Life. Glad to have a fellow Panhellenic member in this class!! Super jealous that you’ve been spending your summer in Hawaii. There is so much to do on the islands. I would give anything to job on a plane and get over there… Our mutual friends list is strong, so I’ll be sure to shoot you a friend request! Looking forward to reading the rest of your work this summer.

    1. Julia, I accepted your friend request! What a small world! I’m glad you know my boyfriend as well, he has said great things about you! Hawaii has been fun, and thank you for your response! I look forward to seeing your work as well!

  4. Gaych (if I may call you that) you should continue to deny, deny, deny because the term ‘basic’ is overused to describe the common culture we are all familiar with. I love to hear about your pep and it seems like you’ve had one heck of a journey in the Business school so far trying to find your major! I be despite the intellectual challenges of the courses you tried your hardest! You seem like such a hard worker and I can’t wait to take this class with you!

  5. I am honestly jealous with he fact that you are in Maui. I honestly like how sincere your writing sounds, especially the part where you’re talking about your job! I’m looking forward to your posts.

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