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RecognizableIMG_3968 Me:  My name is Cameron and I usually appreciate it when someone close to me calls me Cam. You will probably see me in an outfit like the one in this picture every day, even if it is a raining. although I can clean up and dress very nicely from time to time.

I am from the central coast of California, a little town called Templeton. It’s a small town that mostly consists of ranches and wineries. Most people would consider me a country boy even though I don’t really dress the part. I dress like myself, and am not stereotypical. If I ever make eye contact with you, I am usually the type to smile and say “hi.” I am not the type to bring people down and usually don’t appreciate those that do, even when they are having a bad day. I get especially annoyed when people bring down others at work because that is where we spend so much of our day.

I transferred to Colorado last fall and I have very much enjoyed it here. Every single one of my teachers have been awesome and I have felt that they wanted me to succeed. You can always tell when a teacher is in it for themselves and not the students and I have yet to experience one of those teachers here. Getting away from home has been a great experience so far and I really think it has helped broaden my horizons. In Colorado, I felt that I have lived and learned, which is a great thing to go through in anyone’s early stages of life.

Where I Am: Currently, this summer I am actually at the school in Boulder and I will be here for the remainder of the summer. It may have been obvious that I’m on the football team because of my shirt in the picture, but I decided to take summer school classes because of football. I had to be here for practice so I thought that I might as well take some classes.

But little did I know, it is mandatory that we take classes during both A and B summer sessions in order to participate in summer practices. I do not have a job at the moment because I get pretty exhausted after football and class, but recently I have been thinking about getting one. At home I have worked for a number of wineries doing a lot of ranch work, bottling, and helping with many wine events.  I have also worked with a contractor, so I am pretty comfortable with construction as well.  If I was to get a job here in Boulder, I would want to do something similar to any of these businesses but it would be hard because usually these trades do not have very flexible schedules.

What I Want:  After reading what this class was all about, I was very surprised because it was not what I expected at all. I am pleased to see that I will learn a lot of quality information during this class and what it takes to succeed in today’s workforce. I mentioned earlier that I have worked at a number of wineries. I really enjoy the wine industry and would like to make a career in that industry. I can see that this class will help me to create the best personal profile I can in order to succeed.

pasoNetworking is a huge part of being in the wine industry and if I can learn to network and come off as being very credible and professional, yet social and fun, I believe I can really make it big in this industry.  On top of that, I really do think that learning to do all of this online and at such a good school, will really put me ahead of the game. Currently, I wouldn’t say that I am a great tech person but I am grateful to get this opportunity because learning to be tech savvy is a huge plus in any business these days. I was initially going to study Agricultural Business with a minor in Viticulture at a different school. Due to football I ended up going to school here in Colorado, because they did not have those academic options here I decided that Business Management was the next best thing.

Where to find me:  The best place to do an investigation of my life would be my instagram.  I probably express myself more on this app than any other.  I don’t do very much on my other social media profiles but I am sure that I will by the end of this class.

I am usually a pretty quiet person until I get comfortable around someone. Once I do, I really open up and can be a lot of fun.  I like all kinds of music and food so you could say I get along with almost everyone. I think both music and food are great ways for people to connect with one another. Common interests is a big part of the foundation of any relationship.

During the week you will usually find me around the athletic facilities or the recreation center. I love sports both professionally and as a hobby.  I play any sport pretty well and I am very grateful for my athletic gifts. I am a punter/kicker here at CU and I love being on the team. I have learned a lot and matured a ton because of it. 

As for my weekends, I love to adventure. Whether it’s hiking, biking, cliff jumping or dancing.  Yes, I love to swing dance to country music. Anything active will do, so you usually won’t find me at the movie theatre on the weekends or any other time because I think that there are more exciting things to do. But really, as long as I am with some friends I am a happy camper.


4 thoughts on “Online Observation

  1. Cameron! So nice to meet you. I also think food is a great way to connect with people. I am currently in an awful cooking slump though… It’s super hot and humid in Missouri, which always seems to kill my desire to stand in front of the stove. Looking forward to getting to know you better in the next few weeks. What class did you take A term?

  2. That’s awesome that you like to swing dance! I’ve only been line dancing, which I found to be a lot of fun, but I haven’t ever swing danced. It seems kind of difficult though! I’m found a lot at the recreation center as well! It’s hard to not want to go there all the time because of how nice it is now. I’m looking forward to reading more of your writing pieces!

  3. Hey Cameron, welcome to CU!!! You won’t regret your decision to be here. It’s the best state in the country (if I’m being biased). I’ll definitely look out for you on the football field next year. Hope you’re not missing In-n-Out Burger too much. I know I crave it like crazy after being gone for one month!

  4. I am a foodie, so I agree with you 100% on how food is a great way to make bonding. I like how you go on adventures on the weekends, I think its great that you venture out. I hope you’ll have an amazing time in CU!!

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