A Brief Glimpse Into My Life

RecognizaDaniel Photoble Me: Hello everyone, my name is Dan Able, but everyone that knows me calls me Danable (like the drinkable yogurt.) I chose this nickname when I came to college because it takes my name, which can be quite average and often times forgettable, and differentiates it from everyone else. This causes it to stick with people and makes it much easier to remember. It is also a plus that my nickname is actually just my name squished together (Dan Able to Danable.) I was born in Houston, Texas and lived there my whole life. Well up until the point when I came to college here in Boulder, Colorado during the fall of 2011. I am currently a senior going into my fifth year here at the University of Colorado, although I did walk at graduation this past May. After I complete this class I will only have one class left to take in the fall semester in order to complete my degree. I will be receiving a degree in finance from the Leeds School of Business upon completion of my senior seminar finance class. After completing my last classes I plan on returning to Houston, Texas because I am sick of the cold! Not really, I am going back home because it is much easier for me to get better jobs in Houston, and I really love living in Texas. Many would say that I am extremely prideful of Texas, particularly Houston, and the prominent cultures there. It honestly just feels like home unlike Boulder, which seems to me like a bubble from the real world. Prior to attending the university of Colorado, I went to Lamar High School where I played lacrosse and wrestled. I really enjoy playing, watching, and coaching sports, and since I was unable to play any collegiate sports I felt as though there was a void in my life. In order to remedy this I took up golf, which over the past two or three years has become somewhat of a passion of mine. I try and play a round or hit balls at the driving range at least once a week during the spring summer and fall. When winter finally does roll around here in boulder I drive up to the mountains and snowboard as much as I can.

Where you’re at: I am currently still living here in Boulder, finishing up all of my credits for graduation, except my senior seminar, which is only offered during the fall and spring semesters. I am also currently working at fidelity investments studying for my Series 7 exam so I can legally trade stocks for parties other than myself. I aspire to work in finance my whole life, although working on Wall Street is not really one of my interests. I have conversed with people who have been working on Wall Street their entire lives and it honesty did not sound enjoyable to me. Seemed to be much too stressful and time consuming. I want to be successful in my career while still having time to enjoy myself outside of the workplace. I am also quite interested in working in the energy industry, either in petroleum or natural gas particularly. Last summer I worked as an energy broker in Houston and really enjoyed that so when I move back to Houston at the end of December I plan on getting back into something similar.

What you want: After going over the syllabus and all of the information regarding this class I am excited to work my way through this semester and improve my writing skills. I am particularly interested in improving my professional writing skills so that I will feel comfortable communicating in the business world. One thing that stood out to me about this class was the personal branding section. What I realized from working as an energy broker last summer is that personal branding is extremely important. You are always selling yourself whether you know it or not. If you are able to create an image around yourself that others are attracted to or like they are much more willing to conduct business with you. This gives you a competitive edge against many other competitors because you give yourself a face and a personality rather than just being a voice on the other side of the telephone line, or words on a page. I agree with the believe that social media is a very easy and effective way to improve your personal brand and am very interested to see how this class approaches that.

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 11.04.46 PMWhere to find you: If you are interested in finding me, I have a Facebook profile (Daniel Able,) an Instagram account @danable92, and a Linkedin profile (Daniel Able.) I also have a twitter account but have never used it so I do not feel that it is necessary for me to include that. I am the most active on my Instagram account although social media isn’t really a huge part of my life. I like to focus on face-to-face interactions to get to know people because I believe that it is my strong suit. Although my social media outlets do show me doing some of my favorite hobbies, which include; fishing (bass and saltwater), playing golf, cooking, and riding motocross. I would also consider myself somewhat of a movie buff. I try to watch a couple new movies a week because in general I am not a huge fan of TV shows or series. I do like a few HBO series like True Detective, Entourage, The Wire, and a couple more that I can’t seem to remember the names of at the moment.


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