Strictly Business, or is there more to Scott Edwards?

1509676_982174221794335_6070325078575962839_nRecognizable you: If you put in the time and do enough digging; Scott Edwards, will you find a criminal record on me? I don’t know maybe you should start looking. Being from Detroit, Michigan I am just not sure if I was in jail or the nicest hotel around. Now lets take a step back and realize that I lied… I know I don’t have an arrest record, its Detroit they got rid of those when they went bankrupt.

Some people call me Scott others call me Scotty, but the people that know me best call me Big Sexy. It’s a name I picked up over the years traveling with friends and am now known in 5 different countries as Big Sexy. If you where to picture me, I would say imagine Chris Farley or Jack Black. In fact I was given a free hotel room in Cambodia because they thought I was Jack Black. As your looking at my picture you will see that they must not have really known what he looked like.

11705133_1013538015324622_5151745335917293396_nWhere you’re at: I found myself at my last semester in school to still be in Boulder. Its funny, its just so quiet in the summer. On the better days I like to go hiking with Ty, my dog and anyone I can persuade to spend all day hiking with. I also have a cat, but sadly he cannot go hiking with us, or so say the rangers (apparently they are afraid of a him getting eaten or something). However any other walk around town that I take my dog on, rest assured you will find a white and black spotted cat a few steps behind, running with his flabby tummy swinging side to side with the motion of run. If you ever have the chance to meet him, show some respect because he is Tupac reincarnated. Well I’m 96% sure about that, that’s why I named him Tupac.

On the “I have to work” days, I am currently employed as the Director of E-commerce for a publicly traded company (business voice). I have cut cost by 29% overall by creating and implementing multi-channel & cross-channel E-Commerce platforms and by restructuring day- to-day operations at and GrowLife. Check them our and let me know what you think. I have designed and developed a brand new site for with the help from a company called Native Rank. It has taken longer then planned, but I’m hoping we will go live by mid-August. Now lets talk about what everyone who clicked on the link is thinking about right now. Yes it is a hydroponics company, and absolutely our largest revenue is from the marijuana industry, and we also consult on growing facilities and have retail stores nation wide.

FUN FACT: more then 1/3 of the warehouses you see in Boulder are marijuana grow facilities.

  • What you want:I thought I was here for my upper division writing credit. I did not read what this course was about at all and signed up. This was right after my advisor told me that the writing class he signed me up for and I took last semester did not count for my writing credit. This was a rare mistake on his part, he is what I would normally call a “Handler”: a person who “gets shit done” in a professional setting. With that being said, I wasn’t too upset because I have to take a class on campus right now anyways, nor was it a pleasant surprise. That was until I read the class objectives and the assignments. I feel as if my prayers for a writing class that is tremendously useful for my real world needs has finally be answered! I know I need this class, because am a terrible writer that allows my ideas to flow all over the page with no sense of organization and not to mention my grammar sucks. You should see me write emails, it takes minutes to make sure everything sounds professional enough. Some of you might be thinking; “minutes isn’t that long”. Time seems to ad up when your sending 1500 emails a month.

P.s. It would be very cool of you to not tell my boss that I spend hours a day just writing emails.

1016385_630419973636430_306452856_nWhere to find you: In the mean time I am jumping from place to place because my lease was up in June and I have another class on campus until August 7th. Fortunately I have somewhere for the most of July, just nothing anything after that. Most nights after work I go to The Dark Horse to write these and have some drinks, other then that I spend any free time climbing. If I ever have the time my favorite thing in the world is to go out with my friends and backpack for a week. It’s just long enough that by the 3rd or 4th day you really stop getting the phantom phone vibrations in your pocket. Yes we all get those. So far this has been my least active summer yet, with work and school I barley have enough time just to fall asleep and wake up.

I am also looking for new jobs, hence why I wont sign another lease.10628271_10153212449626996_217936803086341169_n Right now my interviews coming up are for consulting with IBM in Texas, consulting with Oracle in San Francisco, product manager with Google anywhere and consulting with a company I am not aloud to say in Europe. I am really just hoping to lock down anyone of them as soon as I can. It sucks to have to wait and see. If anyone has any Ideas or advice
for me don’t me shy, for goodness sakes I’m trying to find a job here! With that being said, if there is ever anything I can ever do to help with a job or start up I am always more then willing to help. I know start up are hard, but college is the best time to do it (that’s when I did mine, and sold it 2 years ago). I would like to leave you with some words that have always helped me from my father: Money is good right now, but a favor last forever.



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