Millennials CAN Communicate

Technology is something that I have grown up with. For me, it all started with all of the toys that were double-a battery operated. We had fake cellphones and real telephones that hung from the wall with curly cords that were attached to them. As I grew older all of my friends began to receive cell phones from their parents. I was the last one in my grade to get one, of course. At first, everyone that had a cell phone could only text from it. The lucky kids got on the internet to play games sometimes. As the years went on, internet became an actual thing we could surf while on our phones. When I got my first iPhone was when I discovered email, apps and social media. Once this happened, everyone including myself only looked at our phones and relied on our devices greatly. 

We are always on our phones

The older generations call us millennials. There are many stereotypes that we have, and I must say they are not the nicest of words. One stereotype that may be true for most of us is that we use written communication on our phones a lot every single day. When I want to talk to my mom, I just text her. If i don’t have someones number to text them, I will send them a Facebook message. This is a common way of communicating for us millennials, but it seems as though it may get in the way of us getting jobs.

Should we conform

In an article called Why Millennials “Can’t Communicate,” it is explained that, “American Express and marketing firm Millennial Branding, a full ⅔ of managers prefer to communicate with their employees in person, while far fewer millennials see in-person communication as essential to accomplishing the task at hand.” The older generations grew up with nothing but face to face and oral communication. They did not grow up with the technology that we have at our fingertips. Whether that is a good or bad thing, most people that hire in this day in age are in an older generation. Therefore, millennials should conform to this style of communicating when it comes to being in a workplace.

Ways to improve millennial communication 

Since it is so easy to communicate via email and texts, people are developing more technological skills instead of verbal skills. A way that millennials could improve on verbal and face to face communication is to join community organizations to develop real-world communication. It is never a bad idea to join an organization that betters your future.

One of the biggest fallbacks that a millennial could face is that since we are so used to communication through technology, we may not practice our skills of how we present ourselves. Some might say that we sit in our houses all day and text and do things on our computers. As this may have some truth to it, the millennials that do not have enough human interaction need to get out of the house. Getting out more is imperative with the recruitment of jobs because the recruiters will often have several rounds of interviews that require potential hires to be dressed nicely, be polite, and have good communication skills. For those of us who are in college, many schools offer fake interviews for people to get great practice in! 

Millennials need special hand-holding and are high-maintenance

A common stereotype is “millennials need special hand-holding at work and are high-maintenance.” This workplace stereotype makes millennials seem as though they need praise, a lot of guidance and do not do well with harsh criticism. Whether this is true or not, for most millennials need to break this stereotype by adapting fast in the workplace and learn how the job works at a fast pace. It is important for us millennials to voice their opinions about the learning curve that every person has and that it is a normal thing.

Millennials are great at social media

It is said in an article called 5 Workplace Stereotypes About Millennials That Aren’t True that, “millennials are great at social media.” While some may think this is a true statement, it is actually difficult to tell who is good at social media or not. Just because millennials are young and have grown up with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter does not mean that they know what content to use or who to have follow the content that is being said. Everyone needs some sort of training when it comes to technology, especially when having to communicate something through it. That is why it is important to use verbal communication to employers if they need help posting something online.

We have no concept of privacy

Since millennials grew up with Internet and social media, they have no concept of privacy? Most (sane) people do not post on social media about everything they are doing every second. Yes, millennials post pictures of cool places and tell the world about where they have been, but so what? This is how we communicate to people our age! This gives people a glimpse of who they are as a person. In this day in age, employers do look at applicants social media and thats a good thing! They get to know more about who millennials truly are and what they are willing to show about themselves to everyone who is curious. Millennials should be careful with their social media though, and clean up anything that is not professional.

Millennials are lazy

We as millennials are also seen as being lazy. It’s crazy that millennials need more than a college degree to be fairly successful these days. The older generations only needed to graduate high school or have some college experience to find a job in the workforce. When told that we are lazy, older generations need to hear the difficulty that school is now. Older people need to be reminded of how intelligent millennials are and our knowledge keeps on expanding with all of the schooling that we go through. A good way to communicate this to the people who think we are lazy is to share our knowledge on certain subjects that older generations do not know much about. Being called lazy is an insult and should not be taken lightly! Prove to everyone we are not lazy!

Ending on a positive note

A scholarly article, Millennials and Technology: Addressing the Communication Gap in Education and Practice, said, “The millennial employee can help teach colleagues on effective uses of cutting edge technology. This can benefit the organization in multiple facets, as well as demonstrating flexibility and adaptability.”


Published by

Rachel Davis

I am going into my Junior year at the University of Colorado at Boulder. My major is marketing. I have experience with sales and advertising.

8 thoughts on “Millennials CAN Communicate

  1. Rachel, I too was the last of my friends to get a cell phone and it was torture. I like how you were able to take some of the negative stereo types and show how our generation can adapt and use them as positives, without denying their existence or arguing their validity. I also really like the clean layout and images you selected.

  2. It is so crazy to think about how much technology has changed already from when we were younger! I agree that millennials need to be comfortable with face to face conversation since older people will be the people doing the hiring, but do you think that one day perhaps when millennials are in the boss position that hiring strategies will rely more on technology? It will be interesting to see what traits we millennials will find negative when it comes to younger generations.

    1. It is crazy to think how technology has changed so fast for us! I do think that one day we will be in charge and using technology is how we will do everything! It will be very interesting to see.

  3. It is crazy to think how fast things move now because of technology. Now we can do things in such a faster pace than anybody in the past have. I love your argument for the accusation that we are lazy. It scary to think how much more credibility and connection we need these days, and how bachelor might not even be enough anymore. I really enjoy and like your piece!

  4. I completely relate with your article Rachel! I understand the coming of the technological age, and find myself running into the same kind of problems! You gave really great advice that I will not soon forget!

  5. Rachel, I really liked how to talked about growing up with technology and how it was basically just second nature to us. I also think it’s great that you suggested joining community organizations in order to gain some real world communication skills. Your post was easy to follow, and you made some great points. Good job!

  6. I wrote about something very similar in my blog post 2! The stereotype that us millennials do not know how to communicate is in someways wrong. We are constantly using written communication to keep in touch with friends and family through Facebook, cell phones, instant messenger, e-mail, and so on. Although I do believe we lack in written communication skills when it comes to formal settings. We are so used to using abbreviations and acronyms to talk to one another it is sometimes hard to switch our writing style back from our everyday informal communication. If we just spend a little more time focusing on improving our business appropriate communication we can get rid of our negative stereotypes!

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