How to Not Waste People’s Time with your Writing

The millennials are used in writing with the casual manner ways, such as writing comments on social medias, sending text messages, and sending emails to our friends, parents, and relatives. The millennials often use the technology as the new form as the communication skills, and our generation has been known in lack of communication. The millennials could improve their writing with the two methods: rhetoric awareness and user- centered Design, and these are essential skills for the millennials to have in the business world and to be able to grasp these ideas.

The definition of rhetoric awareness is understanding that successfully fulfilling the purpose of your writing is dependent on your abilityUnknown to anticipate and address the needs of your audience. Most of us might have heard of using rhetoric as the art of persuasion. I remember in high school we learned about it, and how important it is for us to be able to properly use it. But our teacher failed to inform us that it is beyond just that, when we are putting it in a context of a document, our goal is not just to pursue but also to inform. Sometimes we can be persuasive without even acknowledging it, for example when we are sending out our resume, we are pursuing the company by informing them about our credential, and from there we are hoping to be a good candidate and get an interview.

The three main things you need to look for according to this article are:

The purpose: What do you have to achieve?

The audience: Who are you writing for? How can this be useful for them?

The context: Why do we write this for?

The stakeholder: Who’s going to be affected?

The millennials also have been so accustomed to a complex writing skill, where we need to fill our paper with perplex metaphor, complex vocabularies, and tedious vivid descriptions. We also cared more about the length of the writing, but not the quantity of our writing which can become really redundant to our readers. Business writing is quite different from that. Everyone is usually trying to meet some sort of deadline, and would like to spend less time trying to figure out the message that we are writing about. Our writing should not be hard to follow that way we can save people’ time, and the message should be clear and to the point. As a millennial when you are writing yoUnknownu need to make sure that there is a purpose to the subject of your writing, for example when you are writing a report, you need to make sure you address what you want to show clearly by using the appropriate language. Make sure the audience and the stakeholder would be able to gather the information that is needed, we need to avoid using jargon in our writing to the stakeholder, and just use words that stakeholders will understand. I cannot stress this enough, but the message should not be ambiguous. Lastly give a meaning to the subject you are writing, the reason why we would need this document. It is necessary to incorporate rhetoric awareness in our daily writing, because it will allow us to become a clear and better writer. We would not have any kind of troubles communicating with other people especially with  our bosses in our writing.

It is critical to write in a way that the audience would get the information/message you want them to gather in a concise manner. One of the things we can do when we are writing is we can try to focus more on the audience rather than the subject of the writing. Often time we are focus more on the subject than the audience, we are going to write the document in a more analytical way but if you focus more on the audience, you are going to write as if you are really communicating with the audience and that way the message would flow naturally. It is good to write in a way that the audience can understand the information and apply it quickly. Also the other easy simple thing the millennials can do is to keep the layout clean and clear. This can be done by using page numbers, section headers, the right font, and add some pictures to help the audience understand better.

Another useful technique that can be incorporated in our writing is User- centered Design. By definition User-Centered Design (UCD) is the process of designing a tool, such as a website’s or application’s user interface, from the perspective of how it will be understood and used by a human user. When we are creating the document design, it is imperative to keep the information simple but yet contextual. The idea is to start light and then gradually gets more in depth with the information. Of course, the concept of UCD can be more elaborated. If you want to learn more about it you can check this article on usability and the advantages it can bring to your company.

When we are making User-Centered Design, it is smart to plan to follow some steps, according to this website, we could start by planning, analyzing, designing, and testing. It is best to plan what we are going to write, analyze who are the audience and how we can make the message easy to understand, design the presentation or document in a way that it will be easy to follow, and at last test it to see if it needs some kind of minor change.  The other thing we can add into out writing is sentence design. Sentence design will come in handy, because it will allow the reader to understand the information without any kind of confusion. The message would be short and to the point. When the millennials understand the concept of the user-centered design, it will help our generation to write really professional in our writing especially when we are writing for our bosses and coworkers.

The End

As millennial, I believe by using rhetoric awareness and user-centered design in our writing will lead us to a successful document or presentation. It is an essential skill to have in the business world. We need to know how to write concisely. It is important that we are able to communicate in such a way that is easy to listen to and understand. I hope some of my suggestion will be useful in your future career. And oh, good luck!


4 thoughts on “How to Not Waste People’s Time with your Writing

  1. I like how you connect your forth to last paragraph with user centered design, maybe with even meaning too. You talk about how your writing should focus on the audience and how it should be written more like conversation so it flows better. Then you tie in how UCD helps it to make it easier for your audience on another level. Maybe think about adding some more headlines to break it up a bit though. Otherwise it was good and informative.

  2. Jessica, I agree that we have become so accustomed to writing in a complex manner, and that we need to learn how to shift away from that writing style. I think you did a great job explaining both techniques in a way that was understandable and easy to follow. Nice work!

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