Writing in a Way your colleagues will admire

the-other-guy-43About a month and a half ago I had a job working for a contractor. I was told that there was an emergency and that I had to hurry by myself to a winery to build a huge level frame in order to grade sand and make a walkway by the end of the day. They didn’t expect me to finish it all on my own. When I returned to the office with an hour to spare telling them I was finished, they were ecstatic. You could hear, “Oh thank God”, echo throughout the room. They all thanked me and high-fived me. It’s just like every cop movie there ever was where they return to the office after finally catching the bad guy and everyone cheers.

What I am trying to say is that it feels good to be the man, instead of the other guy. Imagine getting that same response because of your writing in an office. There is no better feeling than being the one that your team relies on to get the win. The same situation and feeling can occur with your writing in the office. It all comes down to your effective use of rhetoric and user-centered design. Both of these concepts are fairly easy to understand and very manageable once you do. Although it may take a little practice.

Applying Rhetoric:

As millennials, we need to gain the respect from other generations because of the way we are looked at. More importantly, we need to gain the respect from one another because it is our turn to take over the business world. Rhetoric is very important when it comes to any form of communication. It is the idea of having a way with words. Being able to communicate in such a way that is easy to listen to and understand. This is the part that is going to take the majority of the practice. Some tools for good rhetoric speaking are given here. It is very rare that a person could just step on to a stage for the first time and just talk like they are having a conversation with the crowd. There is always nerves and always some slurring or unclarity. It will take a number of speeches for you to get comfortable with public speaking or writing. You will learn multiple techniques and find out how to capture the attention of others.

Once you have figured out the idea of rhetoric, you can’t stop there. There is more to learn. There are some people that have a way with words, but they never seem to get the point across. What I am trying to say is that you can’t just go out and blabber a bunch of nonsense. Rhetoric takes a lot of different techniques that leads to a flawless end product. An effective and persuasive means of communication. But now you need direction which will guide you to rhetorical success. Otherwise known as rhetoric awareness.

Principles and questions you need to ask yourself:

1. Purpose:  Why? What are the goals of the project you are working on?

2. Audience: Who is going to use it?

corporate-social-responsibility_multi-stakeholder-forum3. Stakeholders: Who will be affected by it?

4. Context: What lead to the start of the project?

All things need to be considered for the success of something in business. Whether it’s persuasive writing, a new product or selling yourself like your personal brand, it needs to be well thought out.

This will be very important in your future endeavors because it can take you so far. If you are able to communicate in this way, sales will go up, misunderstandings will be minimal and your status will rise. People will rely on you and you will be the man of the office.

User-Centered Design:

User-centered design is the basis of any and all business decisions. This means that throughout the entire process of a project, you must think about whoever it is for in the end. A good example of this is a new product for a consumer. Every step of making the product must have the consumer in mind. Research, design and refine very attentively for the benefit of the consumer. If your consumers aren’t happy, then the product won’t sell and the business is dead. Very similar questions can be asked like the ones above in order to make the user happy.

So for me right now, it is not a matter of making myself happy when writing this blog, it is a matter of making Allison and the rest of my readers happy to get the best out of my blog. The more views, shares and comments I get, the better.  The majority of good blogs have titles that give the readers hope to improve themselves. Here you can see that they are only looking to entertain their readers.

advaita-kala--2_650_011714084023Your Success: 

If you use both of these ideas every time you are writing, you are bound to reach your goals. Whether your goal is to express your opinion, sell a product or get promoted, you will reach it. I encourage you all to to keep these ideas in mind throughout your careers. In order to succeed in the business world, you can’t be selfish and you must be able to write well. If can get rhetoric and UCD to come naturally, work will be a breeze. No more being the other guy. It’s time to be the hero.


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