Are We Ever Really Done Branding Ourselves?

What’s next on my horizon? Hopefully what is next is I have a Job. As I have said before I have interviews set up with Google, IBM etc. for a variety of positions that I feel I am not prepared for. How am I supposed to consult for fortune 500 companies if I have never experienced these problems first hand? How am I supposed to take a product as influential and important as something Google produces and take it from start to finish, and feel confidant that I did a better job then any one else could have?

Even before that how do I practice my interview skills to make sure I get the job offer in the first place? In reality I am scared shitless… I have never had a position that I felt completely prepared for when I took it in the first place, but this feels more real, more important for my life and for my career. I am confidant everything will work out wither either way, and that I can adapt to whatever position I end up in. However that doesn’t change how nervous I really am.

Come check out my site! I hope you like it, I changed themes quite a few times and couldn’t decide how to present myself i.e.: professional with no personality or professional confidence and personality. It is a fine line to straddle at this point in our careers. How do we show relaxed confidence without sounding unprofessional and/or cocky? I didn’t know so I tried to be conserved with a little personality, Let me know what you think!

If you take a look at my Portfolio tab you will see links to two websites I managed/oversaw creation of, I tried to embed the live site into these, but it doesn’t look like I can do this with the free version of WordPress. If anyone is interested in this, there is easy way to edit your HTML, and this site will show you how!

What I hope to change. My Life! Well that was a bit dramatic, I’ll take a step back. I am really hoping to crate a more cohesive brand around myself that incorporates this little guy to the right. He has the color scheme that I wish to use and even more so I think he creates a relatable icon that can be linked to myself as a funny/creative professional. I am also hoping to start to tamper with the HTML(CSS) code in WordPress, I was a little hesitant to do this because of the time commitment and my lack of original design focus. I am also planning on taking some more professional/clearer photos to update all of my web profiles.

One of the last changes I would like to make is updating the design of my resume, to be a creative epicenter of my personal brand. Although I have created the design I would like to pursue, I am having difficulty putting that design into Word cohesively and am a bit worried about using a PDF only resume due to many company’s using ATS recruiting systems. If anyone would like to connect (which we all probably should, at least on LinkedIn) Get a hold of me on LinkedIn, Facebook,, and you can get my phone number from my LinkedIn if you want to get a hold of me that way.

Lets Connect Soon!


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