Reflection Post

Online Presence is Key

While growing up in Princetonby-aldenjewell-, and during my college career at the University of Colorado, personal branding was never a topic of discussion in any of my classes. Before taking this class, personal branding was not something I considered during the job process. I was under the impression that your resume was the most important component of any job application. Now that I am aware of its importance, there are several methods I plan to utilize in order to strengthen my personal brand. Throughout this course, I learned how significant an individual’s social media presence is. For instance, the website LinkedIn is an immensely powerful networking platform. On the site, a user can essentially post their resume, past experiences, extra curricular activities, which provide prospective employers with a coherent professional summary of any person with a profile.  Also, LinkedIn allows you to form connections with other professionals, which could potentially provide a method to seek employment opportunities. In addition, in order to distinguish myself even further, I intend to start blogging. Having a well-kept blog about your field of interest can allow job seekers to showcase their knowledge on a public forum. With a blog, job seekers can provide hard evidence of their qualifications, which, in my opinion, would greatly compliment a solid LinkedIn profile. Twitter is another powerful social media platform that I intend to use in order to build my personal brand. Managing a twitter account for professional reasons would provide me with another public forum for expressing my ideas. Furthermore, I could follow other experts in my particular field and learn from the content that they post, which I may be of help to me in the future.


I am extremely grateful for the amount of thoughtful comments left by my peers on every assignment I have submitted. In order to improve my personal brand, I find it important to seek out advice from other individuals who are knowledgeable about personal branding. Constructive criticism, if used correctly, can be a powerful tool. Deeming any critique of your work as slanderous could impede your growth. Instead, using that criticism to improve yourself and your work is far more beneficial. Throughout this course, I have considered every suggestion, which has definitely improved my work.

Personal Website

One of my favorite assignments in this class was the personal website. I truly enjoyed constructing my first website and I hope to use this website, or perhaps create another one, once this summer sessions comes to an end.wendell & aidan I feel as though my website is well organized and aesthetically pleasing as well. As I mentioned earlier, having a website or blog would be very conducive to building my personal brand. For example, if I was in the midst of an interview, I could simply show them some relevant writing, or work on my blog, which would distinguish me from other candidates.


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