Small Footprint, Big Impact

Hello! We are Footprint, an organization that focuses on corporate social responsibility within theScreen Shot 2015-08-06 at 4.43.59 PM shoe industry. The five of us are young businesswomen who love shoes, and believe that a small footprint can have a big impact. We are dedicated to educating consumers about CSR within large and small footwear companies, in order for consumers to support companies who have ethical business practices in place. It is our mission to make a positive impact by informing the public so we can inspire a change in the industry as a whole. Shoes are an essential commodity, and everyone should have access to information on the companies they are purchasing their products from, and have the ability to choose how big of a footprint they want leave on the earth and society. This is a global industry, and corporate social responsibly is essential to have in an industry that is capable of leaving such a large footprint. It is our goal to illuminate the operations behind the shoe industry so we can change consumer demands, and overall make the world a better place.

Through our website, Facebook, and Twitter we hope to reach our audience and provide the most current and up to date information in regards to the best companies practicing CSR, and relevant issues within the industry. We have currently found that the biggest issues in the footwear industry are ethical supply chains, dependency, employee treatment, chemical exposure, global alliance, and products created from animals. These are major issues that some companies are trying to change, for example MooShoes is a company owned and operated by vegan sisters in New York, who use cruelty free materials and can even track down exactly where they obtained the leather for their products. There are many companies who are trying to OSASuBX1SGu4kb3ozvne_IMG_1088take a step in the right direction, and on our website we highlight some of the best companies to purchase your next pair of shoes from. Please be sure check out all of our social media sites so you can be an educated consumer and support footwear companies with exceptional corporate social responsibly!


One thought on “Small Footprint, Big Impact

  1. I definitely agree with your mission statement, the shoe industry has a huge impact on everyone’s life and it is important for everyone to have the acknowledge and the background of the company they are purchasing from. The good shoe companies that the footprint company projects will educate the reader/consumer, and the more people know about CSR within a company, other company could potentially follow the CSR trend because of the demand from the consumer. I really like the picture you guys design for the websites, it is simple but yet effective.

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