Wow, What’s Next?

Wow, this class went by incredibly fast! I was so overwhelmed at first when I was looking at everything I had to accomplish during this class. It has been so interesting to see what everyone Leeds School of Business Koelbel Building Addition at the University of Colorado at Boulderelse has done in this course. This has prepared me and pushed me to do and make things that I should have done my freshman year of college! This experience has been extremely helpful and I hope that it takes me far when I am launched into the real work-world after I graduate from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

What Do I Plan to Do Next to Prepare for the Job Market?

Something that I need to keep working on is looking through jobs and internships on Career photo-1431963597099-b93648d13015Buffs. I would love to find an internship within this next year because not all internships are paid, so I might as well do it while I am still in school. I plan on finding an internship with an organization or company who wants me to help with their marketing or social media. This class has especially prepared me for that because I have created a resume that I think employers will respect. This class has also prepared me because I now have a website and I now know how to work WordPress, Google Drive and Slides. I will also have cover letters that are already prepared to send out to my future employers.

How Do I Keep My Personal Brand Cohesive and Authentic?

The number one thing that I have learned in this class is that I have a personal brand. This is something that took me awhile to find, and I am still learning about myself every day. My photo-1428353077903-d09b3e000f37personal brand is still forming and it will keep forming as I grow older and have more experience. I will keep my personal brand cohesive by showing myself as a whole. What I mean by this, is that my skills, knowledge and experience are all things that make me who I am. Giving people the whole picture of who I am will give me authenticity. I want to be nothing but genuine, and that is how I will keep my personal brand authentic.

Drums Please……!!46327_4710524770297_1516888477_n-1

Here is the link to my personal website! Please take a look and tell me what you think! I chose a theme that was simple, yet elegant. The teal or light blue color on the sides is my favorite color. I also thought it looked nice with the background of the picture that I used of myself. Yes, that is my senior picture, but it is the only professional picture I have at this point! I like my website because it it easy to use and navigate through. I think this theme is a goof style for me right now, but I can always change it later!


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Rachel Davis

I am going into my Junior year at the University of Colorado at Boulder. My major is marketing. I have experience with sales and advertising.

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