Time Flies When… You’re in 3040?

Where did the month go?

Wow, I don’t know about you, but this class absolutely flew by for me.  I remember feeling overwhelmed looking at all of the assignments to come in such a small amount of time. cofee laptop The assignments were especially daunting seeing as they all had to be done using programs I had no experience with, and included working with people all over the country.  Then, I blinked… and here I am submitting my final assignments today.


I am so glad I decided to take this class.  I spent time doing things truly beneficial to my future with assignments directly applicable to the business world and the career I am pursuing.  I am so thankful there was no busy work, I got something out of every assignment.  The course load was manageable as well, working full time this Summer this is something I was concerned about.  Time management and an awesome group for Organizational Branding assignment made it all possible!  My resume, cover letters, Linkedin, and design skills were all things I should have been working on regardless, so this class gave me the guidance I needed to get them polished and ready for me to use.

And Beyond!

Next, I plan to build off things I learned in this course to continue to reach my aspirations!  I will use my professional resume and cover letters to get an internship.  I plan to start applying as soon as I have time to search for jobs I would like to apply for once this class is over.  In an internship, I hope to be able to continue to develop my tone in workplace communication, and write effectively in business language.  I plan to maintain my LinkedIn profile and work towards taking advantage of all the site has to offer.mentoring  I think this class has given me skills that I can apply to a job and allow me to be a more effective intern altogether.  I want to continue to maintain my personal website to allow my brand to build and be cohesive as I change and develop as a professional.

My Brand
The feel I hope my personal website conveys is one that is clean and classic.  I am a very organized person, and I think that is reflected in my page.  I chose a logical and visually pleasing theme that is easy to navigate, as well as clean bright imagesrock stack to add some personality.  I really like the layout and the user friendliness.  If I were to do it again, I would keep most things the same, maybe just find more spaces to insert images that reflect my brand.  Overall, I will continue to update my personal website as my career develops and my brand will become more recognizable and personalized.

Thank you Allison for a great semester!


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