This Is Just The Beginning

Is This Really The End?

The day has come. Writing 3040 and Beyond has come to an end. But wait, in my mind this is really not the end. This is just the beginning of the next chapter of my life where I can apply what I have learned from this class to the world of business. I was fortunate enough to learn so much about not just personal and organizational branding as well as how to properly write publicly, but I also learned about myself through this process. I was able to completely establish my personal brand, which I never was fully aware of before coming into this class.

The Next Step

IMG_5733My next step is to find an internship in Boulder where I can show off my knowledge that I have received from taking this class. Now that I know how to effectively communicate as a millennial in the workplace, how to overcome negative millennial reputations, and how to incorporate user-centered design and rhetorical awareness, I feel very confident about where I am headed. My personal brand will help set me apart from all the other applicants as well as my professional resume and cover letters, and I am looking forward to becoming a more established business individual. I will continue to maintain and work on my personal brand so that it doesn’t fade and just becomes even stronger by keeping everything of mine up-to-date, especially my personal website, resume, and LinkedIn profile.

My Personal Brand

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 6.37.19 PMSo here is what I have been waiting to share…my personal website! I am pleased with what I have created because it is unique to who I am as an individual, but it is also simple and it is easy to use. I believe that my personal website does an excellent job of showcasing “a taste of what I’m all about,” and through my content, it shows that I am fun and hard-working. If I had to create my website all over again, there are some things I would change. I would add even more information about me to ensure that my personal brand is even more established. I would possibly even start a blog because although they are time consuming and you need to keep up with them, I think they are interesting and an effective way to improve your personal brand even more.

Final Words

Let’s be honest, I was totally dreading taking this class over the summer. Why would I want to do homework when I could be doing fun and social things? After I got into the groove, I don’t regret taking this class one bit. My resume, resume presentation, personal website, LinkedIn profile, and cover letters I created in this class will put me one step ahead when searching for my perfect job.


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