Boulder…Blogging and Ben Brown

I'm the 3rd one in from the left....or Kyle for all you South Park fans
I’m the 3rd one in from the left….or Kyle for all you South Park fans

Recognizable me: Hi all! My name is Ben Brown and I’m currently a Junior at the Leeds School of Business. I was born just outside London, England and emigrated to the United States with my parents when I was 5. I was lucky enough to arrive in the beautiful Boulder, Colorado and haven’t left since. I always thought I would want to go to college out of state, but when the time came to decide my educational future it was too hard to turn down getting to see the beautiful flatirons every day, not to mention all the money I would save by going in state!

Me with a few of my students from the past summer in Tanzania

Where I’m at: Despite staying quite close to home, my favorite thing in the world is to travel and explore the world.  Near the end of last fall semester I started to ponder what I wanted to do for the coming summer. At first I thought I should apply for a hotshot internship somewhere but then it hit me. I’ve been lucky enough to travel to many places in the world, but everywhere I’ve visited has been pretty developed. I wanted to go go to go somewhere off the beaten path, and after many hours of research, I found a four week volunteering program in Tanzania. The spring semester flew by and next thing I knew I was off to have had one of the best months of my life. From teaching English at local schools to going on a safari and seeing giraffes, elephants and lions in their natural habitat, I got to learn so much about another walk of life as well as myself. Once I got back from Tanzania I began a  marketing internship at a natural foods company based here in Boulder, Ancient Harvest. I’m very interested in brand equity which was perfect as they went through a package redesign while I was there. Near the end of the summer I went out to California for a couple days to go to HARD Summer music festival. This was my first festival and was the perfect way to cap a great summer. One moment I had finished my sophomore year and now all of a sudden it’s time to begin life as a junior.

What I want: Like the rest of you, I’m here because I’m required to get an upper division writing credit. However, I’m excited to improve and hone my writing skills. So far at CU I haven’t actually had to consistently write, so this class will be great to get me to work on my writing weekly not just a couple times a semester. In particular, the personal brand assignment is something I’m looking forwards to as I want help in identity curation.

Where to find me: As I previously mentioned, I love to travel! After my senior year at high school, three of my friends and I decided to plan out a month long “Euro Trip”. We began in Barcelona and made our way through France, Germany, the Czech Republic and finished our adventure in Amsterdam. Being my first time travelling without my parents, it was a blast to say the least. However, the sense of exploration and excitement I received by adventuring by myself sparked a fire that still burns and I’m sure will last for years to come. This passion is what made me decide to study abroad in Gaborone, Botswana at the University of Botswana this coming spring. Apart from travel, I also enjoy being active by playing basketball, going skiing and my newest found interest of rock climbing. I also really like listening to music and going to concerts. I appreciate a bunch of different music ranging from hip-hop to classic rock to electronic. My favorite artist is GRiZ, an electronic producer based in Boulder. He combines a live saxophone with his beats to make for quite a unique and wonderful sound. He’s actually headlining a show at Red Rocks show this Friday so I’m a just a little excited for that.


One thought on “Boulder…Blogging and Ben Brown

  1. Hey Ben. I love music festivals. It was a sad part of my summer that I didn’t get to go to Bonnaroo (I was teaching this class online and thought it might be a bit shady to teach from the Farm). Glad to have you with us and I’m looking forward to getting to know you better as time goes on.

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