About me Hank Joyce

Me with my brother and sisters and my niece trying to hide on the left

Recognizable me:

Hey everyone my name is Hank Joyce and I am a junior in the Leeds Business School here at University of Colorado. I was born and grew up in Clinton New Jersey, a small town about midway between New York City and Philadelphia. Coming to school here was never a plan I had until I made a trip my senior year of high school with a friend who was considering going here, after the weekend we spent we both made the decision this is where we wanted to be. It was tough moving so far away from home but waking up each morning with a view of the flatirons is worth every mile.

 Where I’m at: 

After finals last semester I went home for the summer with the intentions of visiting family and then returning to Boulder to find a job and work here but it did not work out that way. During May I was able to see family and friends I no longer can spend time with being so far away and was also lucky enough to spend a couple weeks at the Jersey shore in Sea Isle City and Avalon, two awesome beach towns in south Jersey. Towards the end of May as I was planning my flight to come back I was given the opportunity to work for Crossmark, a large company that provides sales, merchandising and marketing services to other businesses. As an employee I was given responsibility of a sales territory with around 250 convenience stores and Wal-Mart’s in North Jersey. Each day I would call upon around fifteen stores with the intention of setting up displays, selling new products and overall enhancing our brand within each store, which for me was Mondelez International who controls Nabisco, Trident gum and Dentyne gum. This job with Crossmark was a great opportunity for me because of everything it offered on a learning stand point and understanding the importance of strong branding. Being able to work for a respected company and learn how to sell products to stores as well as marketing them to the end consumer was fun and a phenomenal learning experience. The remainder of my summer I spent working except for July Fourth weekend I made a trip to Chicago to visit my older brother who works as a chef in a small farm to table restaurant there. Before I left I was able to obtain two tickets to the Grateful Dead Fare Thee Well concert that took place at Soldier Field that weekend. This was by far the most fun and best experience of my summer the music and the people were so amazing, it will be one of the most memorable nights of my life.

 What I Want:

I know we are all required to take this class at some point and that is why I am in it but I am eager to improve my writing skills because I know at this point I am not the best writer. I am hoping this class will help me sharpen my skills and make me a more confident writer then I currently am.

 Where to find me:

Even though I do not get to very often one of my favorite things to do is travel and try to see as much of the world as I can. I have in the past taken trips to Germany and France, which were both amazing experiences in there own way, and I hope to make a trip back. The music I really like to listen to could be anything but I do prefer listening to jam music over electronic. I love going to a concert and being able to watch and appreciate the skill that goes into making the music and I think that is why the Grateful Dead show was such a profound experience for me.



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