Lia, with an “I”

Recognizable you: Hi there! My name is Lia and I am a firm believer in the power of Netflix and chocolate muffins. The basics: I am currently a senior in college, studying accounting and Russian language at the University of Colorado (interesting combination, I know). I grew up in Centennial, Colorado. For those who don’t know, Centennial is a small suburb just south of Denver.

Growing up, I wBLOGas always fascinated by the outdoors and am always eager for a new adventure. I love hiking and sports (basketball and soccer being my favorites). At the same time, I also love reading and writing and would probably classify myself as an introvert. For anyone interested, my absolute favorite book of all time is Crime and Punishment…no, really. That book that your English teacher made you ready back in high school that the majority of the class hated? That’s my favorite. I love it because of its attention to the struggles of human character and push towards simplicity and forgiveness.

I personally believe that society today is far too busy for its own good. Everyone is always late for something. There is always somewhere to be. I find myself in this predicament all the time. Maybe one of the reasons I love Dostoevsky so much is because I hope to achieve some sort of order and calmness in my own life as well…which is a hard thing to do as a full time student!

Another passion of mine is learning about different cultures and languages. That probably explains the Russian. In addition to learning Russian through CU, I am also proficient in Greek (it helps that I myself am Greek and am exposed to it through my family). I am also trying to teach myself Arabic…which is extremely difficult! If you happen to be a native speaker and would be willing to help me out I would greatly appreciate it by the way. Ultimately, my goal is to do something with International Business. I would love to work abroad, and someday see myself as a diplomat or an ambassador…for now though, I am working hard to finish my Bachelor’s degree.

Where you’re at: As I mentioned before, I am currently going into my final year at the university. (Yikes!) I am also currently living in Boulder, and have been since starting college. Centennial (where I grew up) is not especially far from Boulder, but it could not be more different. I love Boulder. I love the culture, the people, the scenery…even the crazy hippies living on Pearl Street. The city is not only a great town for college student, but also a great town for entrepreneurship. The number of small business is astonishing, and I am inspired to live in such an innovative community.

What you want: I hoping more than anything that this class will help me to attain a more professional voice. I have a LinkedIn, I have a resume, I know what a cover letter is…but are mine going to stand out in the professional world or will I look like every other recent college grad on paper? I know that if you want a job you need to stand out. I want this class to help my format my professional documents in a way that I stand out (for all the right reasons of course).

Where to find me: It might sound a little cliché, but you would likely find me reading in a coffee shop, hiking in the Flat Irons, or curled up with my laptop in my bedroom (Just started Orange is the New Black and it’s awesome!). I am also a blog writer for the CU Undergraduate Admissions team, so if you are ever interested in my weekly activities (which I’m just certain you’re riveted by), you can check out my posts on the CU website here. Posts should be updated in the next few days.

I am excited to get to know you all throughout the semester!!

All the best,



One thought on “Lia, with an “I”

  1. Hi Lia! I’m from Parker and yeah, Boulder couldn’t be more different than the area we grew up in, huh? I love it too though, for sure. I am jealous of your love of Russian lit. It’s not for me, but I totally wish it was because it’s so sophisticated to love Chekov, Tolstoy and Dostoevsky. You and my bestie could get together and have awesome conversations. I am also super jealous of your language abilities. I think that will serve you well and we can talk about how to work that into your personal branding strategy.

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