The Game Changing Millennials

Millennials have changed the game in the workplace. Technology has been cmillennials2onstantly present through every aspect of life for us, most importantly in communication and education. We now have the capability to share and demonstrate an idea with a person across the country. Take the concept of this class, for instance. An entire college course is accomplished through the use of a blog. Although there is the missing aspect of physical interaction with people in an online class, new ideas are spread quickly and across a larger audience. The ability to share the complete opinions and ideas of 30 different people through the blog would not be possible through in-class discussions. There is simply not enough time for everyone to outline his or her every thought. A blog makes that possible. Millennials can use this method in a workplace and more people can communicate at the same time. Past generations are used to a different company culture and that is not necessarily a bad thing in the broad picture, it just causes some negative stereotypes.

Stereotypes go both ways. No one is ever going to completely understand someone from a different generation because there is no firsthand experience. This article shares stereotypes of both millennials and baby boomers. Millennials are “lazy, entitled and think they know everything and baby boomers “don’t get new tech” are some of the most common stereotypes for the generations. The study conducted by CompTIA indicates how millennials are proactive and eager to learn through channels of technology. Baby boomers are eager to learn, but use more traditional channels, such as classroom training. The key point here is difference in method. Outcomes are still successful by both groups of people and learning is achieved. The path to achieve it is just different among the two generations. Therefore, do not feel discouraged due to a difference in learning style or approaches to accomplishing a goal. If the work gets done effectively, use the method that you prefer. Just collaborate with other people and compromise when necessary.

An important thing for us to do is take these stereotypes and spin them around to be a competitive advantage. Millennials are ambitious, seek challenges, and solve problems. The mindset of past generations, to “pay dues” before climbing the workplace ladder, are overlooked in the minds of millennials. But is that a bad thing? If the younger generation can achieve goals quicker, learn faster, and stay efficient, then companies can reach new heights and develop future goals that bring the company to a new level.

The stereotypes have been put on the table and millennials are aware of this challenge. However, there are even greater obstacles to be ready for. Finance major here, so let’s look at some numbers. Millennials are the most educated generation in history, yet median earnings are $33,883, significantly less than in the past. A struggling economy, fewer jobs, higher expectations, and higher cost of living, have created more obstacles in the workplace game. College tuition has inflated 234% since the year I was born, so it has doubled in price… twice. Just sit with that for a minute. There are many other difficulties in terms of numbers, but what can millennials do to combat this additional issue? Here are a few more ideas, from a fellow millennial.

millennialscollageStay ambitious. By being driven and motivated to succeed, the promotions will come. Hard work, quick learning, and innovation will make the obstacles weaker. Therefore, use every resource available and ignore the stereotypes. Technology is a wonderful tool for everyone and creates new possibilities for companies. Take our knowledge of technology and new forms of communication to accomplish goals more quickly. Use the tool of technology to change the game of the company in a positive way. However, if this approach does not work, there is another advantage that millennials possess. Millennials are capable of adapting quickly. Learn the style of communication that works best in a situation. If email or instant messaging is not getting the message across, schedule a meeting to explain in person. Adapt to the communicative needs of the workplace. Last but not least, be a game changer.


9 thoughts on “The Game Changing Millennials

  1. I really align with what you said about the impact technology has had on not only our communication, but also our education. Your point about how this class utilizes technology in the form of the WordPress blog in order to quickly disseminate information and opinions is spot on and liked your suggestion of implementing a similar blog style forum for ensuring everyone in the office is heard/has the opportunity to contribute their opinion on a topic. Although quicker, do you believe that this could impact the company culture in a negative way, by maybe cutting out a great deal of face-to-face interaction that is essential for a successful business?

  2. Hi! First of all I really enjoyed your article. I think added statistics really solidified your argument. I think this is particularly important when discussing millennials because this topic is so vague. When describing millennials or their challenges in the workplace people usually rely on incredibly vague stereotypes. However I think your stats really brought the challenges of a millennial to light. We are not just a “lazy” generation. In fact, when you look at the numbers you realize we are actually a generation with a lot of tenacity. The deck is certainly stacked against us and yet we remain optimistic and ambitious. I think it’s the same hunger you described in your article that creates the biggest strengths for millennials.

  3. I am fascinated by the way you focus not only on the stereotypes of millennials but also the stereotypes of Baby Boomers. by showing that there are stereotypes on both sides and it is not a one sided equation you degrade the importance of one side over the other. I also found it interesting that you suggest the best way to combat these and other stereotypes is to ignore them completely and just capitalize on how things like technology can benefit everyone regardless on their age and generation ties. Your final suggestion to use our ability to adapt quickly and effectively resinates with some of the themes I touched on in my blog post and just shows that while there are variations many people do think in similar fashions regardless of background differences.

  4. Hey Conner! Right off the bat you not only address the fact that millennials are essential in the workplace, but that we are in fact the people that are changing communication in every department of the workforce. Upon writing my post, I never considered that I was engaging in this revolutionized form of communication, yet your mention of this class opened my eyes to how styles of connection are changing and we don’t always realize it. I also enjoyed how you addressed the multiple perspectives behind stereotypes and that there is more than one opinion behind every rumor. Instead of lingering on the stereotype thrown upon us, I was intrigued to read about how we can use detrimental conventions to our advantage.

  5. Hello, hello!

    Prior to reading your blog I was able to read and comment on four other of our classmate’s post. While it has been enlightening to read about our generation and how we can better improve our communication in the workplace, I will admit I was getting slightly burnt out on the topic. BUT! Your blog was genuinely interesting for me to read and made me actually want to continue reading all of the other blog posts. So thank you for writing such a well thought out and creative piece.

    Throughout your first two paragraphs I was intrigued by the comparisons you crafted. It was really neat to think about how in our generation we are provided the opportunity to take classes online and though people from prior generations may find this crazy, it just goes to show how incredibly present technology is in our world today. This crafts a great little illustration to how technology is taking over the workplace, just as it is taking over the classroom! That created a great catalyst I thought to your note in the last paragraph about on our generation staying ambitious, ignoring stereotypes and using our resources.

    Thanks again for putting your thoughts on paper and allowing us to read them.

    Tessa Snow

  6. I completely agree with everything that you are saying in this post. The way you approach and support your main points made this entire post very interesting to read. The best part was when you described everything using numbers. That really helped to make your writing very strong and stay with your audience. The fact that college tuition has increased by over 200% is absolutely insane, and that fact alone drives home your point of millennials facing greater challenges. You’re ending was also very strong, and I agree. Staying ambitious will get you very far in life, and it will help you exceed the norm. Great post!

  7. Hey Connor! This was a solid first blog post. I enjoyed how you brought up our class and discussed the idea of the blog and technology in general being able to increase our experiences whether it’s in school or anywhere else in life. I also thought you did a good job of incorporating outside articles in your post. In your fourth paragraph you brought up the additional struggles millennials are facing beyond stereotypes and included some nice statistics, like college tuition going up 234%, to back it up. This not only helped continue the discussion on millennials in the workplace but also gave your readers another way to connect to you as an author and this blog post in general. Keep up the great work!

  8. Great job with this post loved your ideas and your tone! Millennials are gamechangers in the workforce and when people start to realize this we will become an invaluable commodity. I think the way you tackled that opening paragraph was excellent; especially when explaining how millennials can best be put to use in the workplace. The ways that millennials impact a workplace and can completely change an office are infinite. Your articles discussing competitive advantages we as millennials must utilize and the statistics that surround our generation when it comes to wage earning and college tuition were perfect! Looking forward to reading more of these excellent articles keep em coming!

  9. Hello, job well done on your first blog post! I like how you incorporated the example of this class into your post and related it back to millennials in the workplace. I used the same Forbes article as you and liked how the article discussed stereotypes about baby boomers and millennials. It gave a different perspective of millennial stereotypes and your analysis of the article was spot on. I liked how you advised the audience of millennials to not feel discouraged because different generations do not share the same means of accomplishing a goal. Your tone was insightful and genuine.

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