Impress with New Writing Approach

Over the last couple of decades, a proven and effective way to approach writing in a professional sense has emerged.  This can be very beneficial for a millennial looking to impress as they enter the workforce.  It can be broken down into two individual aspects.  Rhetorical awareness and user-centered design provide a unique basis for improving your writing.

Rhetorical Analysis

Persuasion is a very important aspect of business writing that I used frequently in the workplace.  It is used in many different circumstances, ranging from the early stages of resume development to a large report aimed to change the face of a business.  The purpose of the written piece is obviously key, as you should be well aware of why it is being written and What you are trying to accomplish with the piece.  The audience is the next aspect to consider.  You should tailor what is being written to  appease the known audience as much as possible, but also need to be aware that others who it is not intended for also may read the piece.  As in every part of business, the stakeholders play an integral role.  These are the people that will  be affected by the document, and you must make sure that all of their needs and desires are attended to.  Lastly, the context means everything.  While the basic information may be readily available, it is necessary to dive into the details to make sure that everything you are saying is relevant, beneficial, and correct.

This article explains a few ways to really improve your persuasive writing.  Repetition is a great tool when used right, and knowing how to reiterate the same points in different ways can really work the reader without boring them. Comparisons are another very useful way to persuade.  One can compare similar things using metaphors similes or analogies, which work by relating the argument to something the reader already accepts as true.  Also, comparisons of completely different scenarios can really pinpoint the benefits of what you are trying to prove.  Additionally, driving home the pain of the  problem before providing a solution can make what you have to offer seem more sincere and relatable, as you have demonstrated you know the pain of the specific problem.  Lastly, giving a glimpse into the imminent bright future if your solution is put in place allows the reader to see that you done research and planning and have a vision of what the success will look like.

User-Centered Design

This part of the approach focuses on the audience for the piece.  One must know what the audience is expecting, and work to meet those goals.   It can be broken down into six aspects.

  • Ease of learning: Someone who is not familiar with what is being written must be able to easily learn the basics to accomplish tasks.
  • Efficiency of Use:  Similarly, it must follow a design that allows  someone with experience in the issue to quickly get what they need
  • Memorability: Casual users can remember the main points and process for easy application
  • Error Minimization: Limit number and severity of errors
  • Subjective Satisfaction: The experience of reading the document should be satisfying and rewarding, not stressful.
  • Accessibility: the information that the readers need should be as easily accessible as possible to make the biggest impact

This user-centered design really focuses on the expectations, goals, situations, and needs of the reader.  Instead of just blandly presenting facts, it is important to try and make the writing as directly beneficial and relevant as possible.  It can be made fairly simple.  UCD is based on explicit understanding of users, tasks, and environments; progressed by evaluation of the user, and addressing the entire user experience.


One thought on “Impress with New Writing Approach

  1. This post is great-it’s very to the point! Your use of sources and italics to highlight key information is really strong. The introduction is good but I feel it’s a little short and could benefit from some expansion. The image you used is good for the topic but is a little small and a bit distracting where it is placed. I think you could benefit from using an image for UCD to really drive your point home/give the uninformed reader a better sense of what UCD is. I think you could use a stronger/more creative title to really hook your reader. Overall solid work! I think a few structural changes could take this post from good to great.

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