Millennial Stereotypes

Millenials, you need to know about the stereotypes being associated with you as you are preparing for a new stage of life so you aren’t associated with them. It’s getting to the time that a large number of the millennial generation are exiting school and moving into the work environment which I know I am worried about. The workplace in todays world is a serious environment that is constantly moving and changing and as we as millennial enter need to learn what are the accepted norms and practices of this world. Currently as we move into the workforce other generations are stereotyping us and it is a growing concern for us millenials.


Issues that arise with millennials in the work place mainly seems to revolve around us being entitled and having things in life come easy for us and then this thinking that everything will be easy or handed over in some instances translates over to how we work. This causes members of older generations to resent us and think that we do not work hard enough for certain things. With the technology we grew up with it is easy to see where they are coming from, things such as smartphones has changed the world and has altered the way we as individuals think. If we dUnknown-7o not know something we can easy look it up or find shortcuts how to figure something out making our lives as a whole easier as we have so much capabilities constantly at our fingertips. Looking through different lists of stereotypes of millenials it seems the most common and one that will have the most impact in the workplace is that there is a sense that we are the overly lazy generation. Employers are worried to hire people from our generation because they have difficulty trusting us and worry about underperformance in our duties or just not doing them at all.


As a member of the millennial generation I find this troublesome for a few reasons, the first being that I do not fully believe that we are lazy and cannot be counted on in the workplace. I think the technology around us may make it seem to the outside world we are lazy and are given things but I think the advances in technology have put us in a position to become more inventive and use the new technology in ways that have not been thought of before giving us an advantage over other generations because it is what we have known our whole lives. The next reason I find it a problem is that if the misconception is out there about our generation then those who are in the younger generation who are hard working individuals will be lumped in along with the more entitled and lazy members of our generation. Other misconceptions that invade the workplace are that we do not care about our jobs but see it as a step in a ladder on the way to the top. This mindset is not necessarily a bad thing but it is when you are not loyal to your employer and only see them as a stepping-stone. In the business world it is imperative to care about the work you and your company do, because if you do not care then you will not be doing the best job you can. I disagree with this line of thinking because I know for myself wherever I have worked I have taken pride in what I do even if it is an entry-level position. It is even more important at that level because that is where most of the customer interaction will take place, and if you have no interest then customers will be turned away from your company.


It is true however that there are some out there who do not care very much but I believe that is a small percentage of the population but it is projected to the rest because a story of a lazy employee who happens to be a millennial can be seen by thousands of people and will put in their minds that we are lazy. I think a lot of these misconceptions are because as the new generation entering the workforce we are criticized for being different and not the exact cookie cutter ideal the older generation is looking for. Working hard and doing the best you are capable of will push these to the side and help you succeed along with other generations and break the stereotypes. We can end this by being conscious of our behavior and avoid falling into the stereotypes so we are not thought of in these ways.



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