Millennial Stereotypes

Dear Millennials,

There are several stereotypes out there pertaining to millennials at work. Although most of these stereotypes are false, millennials are being grouped into these categories and it is something that we must be aware of. Being aware of the stereotypes is the first step to breaking the pattern and assumptions as well as proving people wrong.


Some stereotypes out there about millennials at work include:

  1. “They’re not loyal”
  2. “They just want to go home and be with their families”
  3. They don’t want to work hard”
  4. “They just want positive feedback”
  5. They’re too plugged in”
  6. “They’re too entitled”

For more about these stereotypes go to Stereotypes About Millennials .

These are all stereotypes that millennials are currently associated with in many workplaces. They are obviously all negative and do not represent millennials in the best light. It is our responsibility as millennials to prove the other generations wrong and break these labels that we are too often associated with. After researching some stereotypes of millennials, one that kept coming up was that they are too addicted to technology. I find this very odd. Although I understand that millennials are often on social media and the web, I do not think that using the latest technology is a bad thing. I think that we should take this stereotype and change it to be associated with millennials deep understanding of the newest technology. It is an advantage to be efficient with technology and be able to use programs such as excel, Bloomberg terminal, wordpress and other applications. The millennials can use their knowledge of technology to implement new ideas or marketing plans within a business adding value.

Stereotypes about millennials that can help others better understand the generation:

  1. Their work shows how they feel: Work for millennials means not just making money but a chance to do good in the world, which older generations see as idealistic. It shows that we have a positive outlook and that we think we can change the world.
  2. They want to create their own life: they don’t want to fit into a predefined position. Millennials want to feel like they are making a difference and going along their own path.
  3. They NEED Feedback: They need to know that they are doing a good job, but are also very receptive to feedback and constructive criticism. Basically whatever they are working on, they need to know exactly how they are doing.
  4. They optimize for meaning: since millennials want to make a difference, they don’t want to be a cog in the corporate workplace, they want to have an impact on their team, company and community.
  5. They’re addicted to technology: Millennials want to be empowered, they do not need to constantly check social media which is often the idea we are associated with.
  6. They are idealists: growing up in the internet generation, millennials have a feeling of power and agency. Giving them a voice is a great way to find common ground between the generations.
  7. They don’t have experience: Since we live in an age where merely everything is at the touch of our fingertips, millennials can be very resourceful. They can teach themselves how to do tasks and virtually pick up on anything.

I hope that this helps!  


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