Ethical Activewear

Hello 3040 and Beyond!

Who We are:

We are Ethical Activewearcropped-cover.png; an awareness organization of sorts that helps people like you make the best possible decision in regards to which active wear company you should purchase from. Our team is composed of five very active members of the millennial generation, who all love to exercise and enjoy all that the natural world has to offer. As individuals who purchase activewear ourselves, we are very concerned with how these activewear companies treat their stakeholders when doing business. However, it is difficult nowadays to see which company is the most transparent in their practices and social responsibility. Therefore, Ethical Activewear’s goal is to keep you up to date on current events going on in the activewear industry. Who is making the change to “go green?” Who supports child labor and poor working conditions? What are the full extent of the impacts that firms’ day to day business practices have on the world? EVERYTHING you need to know as the consumer can be found on Ethical Activewear’s social media. That’s our promise to you.

Our Mission:

Ethical Activewear’s website mission is to provide simple but thorough information of ethical practices being conducted by the companies we have researched. We want the audience to understand more than just the mission of the company but also what the companies are involved in within their everyday operations. In terms of website design, we took a simplistic minimalistic approach that incorporates pictures of the natural world on every page. The idea behind this decision was that we wanted our audience to have a sense of cleanliness and understand our respect for the environment when visiting our site. Within our site’s blog section, we linked articles that related to the topics and corporations which we discussed. By doing so, we hoped that viewers would check out the ethical corporations that we promote and in turn support them so that they may continue to do great things within the activewear industry and the world. We want our readers to really understand why these companies we talk about are even worth mentioning and really give them examples of the practices they are involved in day to day. Along with the fabulous innovations the companies are involved in we also want to mention the companies that are practicing poor and unethical practices in their business so that the readers can get a better understanding of both sides of practices of companies.


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