Shred The Footprint

Shred the Footprint is a group of like-minded students who are dedicated to informing snow-sport enthusiasts about the CSR within the ski industry.  This industry consists of equipment manufacturers, clothing lines and the mountain resorts themselves, which generate billions of dollars every year. Industries in this category are growing, and many leaders are displaying good CSR that benefits the community, environment and employees. Our mission is to the audience about some of the great initiatives ski and snowboard companies are taking, as well as discuss the negative corporate social responsibility practices that negatively impact the planet. This industry is a widely enjoyable pastime set in some of the most beautiful locations in the world and promotes an active lifestyle. However, this industry is also a huge contributor to devastating environmental degradation with sometimes irreparable consequences.   We provide easy to access to relevant and useful information in one central place for anyone to access. We want to make our readers more knowledgeable and in turn enable readers who are skiers and snowboarders to capitalize on the benefits of the sport, while also inspiring social consciousness to make an effort in minimizing the negative aspects of this industry. 

The main things we want people to take away from our website is not only to be informed but to be empowered.There’s a lot of negative talk surrounding CSR in this industry. We aim to inform about these issues, but provide our readers alternatives to help combat these issues. We provide articles like “How to be a greener skier” and post about other resources that not only keep you in the know, but show what you can do to play your part in enjoying this industry while taking on a little more personal responsibility. We provide access to great websites and facts that highlight our mission and what our readers can do to help. We believe that each person who likes to ski and snowboard can do their part to help save the longevity of this industry and the planet! Something as small as taking a train route to the mountain and choosing greener brands to invest in can make all the difference. We want to show people how easy it can be to help combat the negative CSR implications of this beloved pastime. We aim to inform and gather more readers through the use of our Twitter and Facebook. Below is an infographic that will give you the feel of our website and our mission.

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 8.52.30 PM.png


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