What’s Really Going on in the NFL

We are “Students for Social Responsibility – CSR in the NFL” and as you can probably gather, we have spent the past couple months investigating the true state of the NFL in regards to social responsibility. Our team is comprised of five business school students; Ben Brown, Maggie Gest, Nate Roadman, Garrison Quinn and John Wharton. We picked the NFL because it is one of the largest American industries and receives a substantial amount of criticism from the media. We also all have personalScreenshot (11) interest in the topic so we decided this would be a good project to dedicate our time and effort to. Our mission is to help the American public be informed about the negative and positive aspects of the NFL’s CSR. With major media corporations pushing preferred agendas on the public, it’s easy to get swayed and misled. Through the use of both social media and an informational website we have covered issues and topics relating to CSR in
the NFL with an unbiased and understandable approach.

Key Takeaways

After visiting our website and social media outlets, which can be viewed by clicking the links below, we want our audience to understand a couple key ideas.

Screenshot (12).png
Screenshot (13).png
Screenshot (14).png

In order to protect the players, the NFL’s most valuable assets, the league has instituted an array of new player safety rules. These rules are primarily aimed at preventing head and knee injuries. Though met with initial resistance, these rules have now helped decrease the number of injuries sustained over the last two seasons. The NFL also has several initiatives aimed at giving back to the all the fans that make the league so successful. These include things like A Crucial Catch, NFL Play 60, and Salute to Service military appreciation campaign. Also as a part of the NFL’s social responsibility, they are expected to positively impact their community and environment. With the large amount of revenue associated with the NFL the organizations are able to donate millions of dollars every year to different charities and organizations and create their own foundations. They also are conscious of their ecological footprint in the way they generate power for stadiums. The NFL following is made up of fans (65% of Americans) and also those who are affected by team’s community outreach initiatives like Breast Cancer Awareness, Military Salutes, and more. The NFL also has a large presence in social media through highlights, statistics, opinions of fans and analysts, etc. The Super Bowl broke the record for the most tweets per minute and plenty of other statistics.

We hope that when you now watch the NFL you can see that it’s so much more than a game. The NFL is a part of American culture and has a significant impact in our communities.



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