Planning for the Future by Reflecting on the Past

It’s hard to believe that another semester is already coming to a close, but before I take to the future I think it’s important to reflect and learn from what I’ve done in the past. The biggest takeaway I can draw from this class in particular is the idea of personal branding and how it can be used to propel you into the business world and help you stand out from the crowd.

Improving My Personal BrandScreenshot (4)

In order to create a more authentic and cohesive personal brand there are a couple things I can improve on. First, I need to be more consistent. I do a pretty good job of this currently, but there is always room for enhancement. Even just tweaking a couple of little details will make a big difference. I need to pick a font that is not boring yet easy to read and use it across all my personal branding materials, from my website to my resume. Second, I need to start sharing more relevant and interesting content on my personal and professional social media accounts. Whether it be articles I find interesting or even a picture that moves me, I need to post this for the public to get a greater understanding of who I am. The last and hardest thing I want to work on is developing my own identity. Right now I’m more just drawing from things I like and combing them. I want to go beyond this and create more original ideas. This is obviously harder said than done but by not being afraid to fail I think I can come up with some game changing ideas.

Prepping for the Real World

I now have less than 18 months before I will have graduated and will hopefully have a job waiting for me to dive in to. In this next year and a half, above all else, I want to dedicate as much time as possible learning how to learn. Being able to absorb information effectively will provide myself with a competitive advantage to reach my goals. I also want to continually update my professional social media and personal website, especially the portfolio section. Having a personal brand is ineffective unless it portrays my most current work, skills and desires. Lastly I want to work on perfecting my resume presentation. I had never heard of a resume presentation before this class and I think it’s a great way to differentiate myself. It’s both a different and interesting way to sell myself and show my strengths in a visually appealing manner.

My Website

Screenshot (2)
My Website

Creating a personal website this semester not only provided me with a great medium to develop my personal brand but gave me a place to
further express and organize myself online. To check it out click the link below the picture to the right. On my website I included aspects of both my personal and professional social media as I believe they combine to create an accurate picture of how I want to be viewed. I especially liked the Instagram widget because it really gave my home page some life and color. I also was very pleased with the portfolio page and how my resume presentation was directly imbedded using “Linkedin Slide Share”. This made my presentation both visually appealing and user friendly. I think this will make people more inclined to view it which is always good because like I mentioned earlier, it’s a great tool to differentiate myself. If I were to create my website again, I would have tried to use more visual elements and pictures. As far as actual text is concerned, less is more! In order to accomplish this there was a grid type layout design I could have paid for. This would have helped make my page more exciting but for the purpose of this class it was hard justifying the extra, unnecessary cost.

Thanks to everyone who read my posts over the course of the year and good luck heading into the future!

Screenshot (3)



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