Leave a Little, Take a Lot

When faced with the high stress moments of attempting to complete my Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 9.21.49 PMresume, LinkedIn, blogs, and personal branding assignments, I never thought I would be grateful for the rigor and ambition of this writing course. Not only did this class increase my creativity and general writing skills, it provided me with confidence to promote myself amongst the aggressive working atmosphere. Today’s job market is extensively competitive and I can confidently say my years of nannying were not properly preparing me for the “adult career” I was striving to achieve.

I recently began the Leeds Business Minor here at The University of Colorado and plan to intertwine this career field with my major in Psychology. I found myself in a haze as to what my future held but thankfully began speaking with a professor to do some careful career counseling. It was not long before I realized I was radically unprepared for any level of job searching and even less prepared to deliberately promote myself. Upon enrolling into Writing in Business and Society, I understood I would be familiarized with blogging and writing professional emails. What I did not realize is that this general upper-division writing course would prepare me with the self-promotion I was previously craving.

After learning the general features of creating a cover letter, resumeq, and various self-branding allocations, I hope to stand out amongst my peers when faced with job opportunities and beyond. Since emerging as a qualified applicant does not come easy, I plan on challenging myself to continuously tailor these assignments throughout my college career and beyond. These assets are nowhere close to perfect, but I anticipate that with guidance from professors, students, and colleagues I will be able to properly modify them to achieve precision.

I am especially looking forward to presenting my visual resume to potential employers since this is a spectacle not many seekers have at their advantage. Since I had to take some time off of school, my LinkedIn profile does not exhibit the “wow” factor I hoped it would by my junior year of college. Luckily, my visual resume depicts my character, creativity, and advantageous features which allows any prospective boss to get a deeper sense of my personality in turn, contributing to the wow factor I hope to accomplish. Right now, it is displayed on my LinkedIn profile along with my personal website, allowing for easy access.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 9.35.37 PM

Unlike my visual resume, my personal website was an assignment that I struggled with both visually and practically. I was introduced to WordPress for the first time during the duration of this class, so as with any new forum, it took a while to adjust to its use and purpose. The most difficult part of the WordPress site was finding a theme that allowed me for smooth transitions and easily accessible tabs. My current website includes tabs located at the top of the page under my general menu. It is not difficult for someone to pinpoint my bio, resume, visual resume, and contact information, and for this reason my website serves its purpose.

Though my main goal is complete, I wish I would have spent more time making my website more intriguing. The black and white header corresponds with my visual resume, but the violet I used throughout is found nowhere on my homepage or under my tabs. I may have been able to fix this dilemma if I were to spend more time browsing possible WordPress themes. What occurred instead was that I had trouble locating a theme that presented a visual display that was clean cut and easily accessible. Once I found one that held those criteria, I stayed with that theme and did not search any further. Unfortunately, this theme only offered two color themes and the violet I hoped to use was not an option. Another way I could have made my website more appealing is by adding a slideshow of my Instagram as a way of presenting my personality up front. Once again, my theme did not include this feature so I was not able to incorporate this aspect into my site.

Even with my complaints, I am proud of the product I constructed along with the skills I gained throughout this semester. I did not know the definition of a “cover letter” in August, but I can confidently say I can write an ideal tailored letter, along with other professional works that I was not able to construct a few months back. I have learned that self-promotion is not only about defining your academic strengths, but about defining your character and unique personality traits you can bring to the work force. I will take what I have learned and build upon my general knowledge of business writing to positively benefit myself in the upcoming years and I can assertively say that my confidence in this realm derives from this course.


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