Making the Next Step

As my collegiate career comes to a close, I am beginning the daunting task of entering the ever changing job market. I plan to graduate in May but, before that new chapter of my life commences, there are a few things that I would like to address with regards to my personal branding strategy.

Building on the Basics

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 3.58.22 PMIn order for future employers to have more “substance” on what my personality truly is, I will continue to update and tweak my personal website and other social media sites to better reflect my persona. I think including my Instagram profile will best show prospective employers what I hold closest to me. In order for this to happen, I will need to dive back into my personal website to display more photos that I have included in my other social media sites and that would include rearranging my various sites to run more fluidly together. Being active on these sites will also be important to continue to advance my presence on the various social media platforms. The most important to me would be Instagram because, being a visual learner, I believe that pictures best describe different situations that I have faced in my life. Another area that needs attention is my resume presentation. I believe that this can be a very useful tool to differentiate myself from others through displaying my own creativity. With a strong visual presence, I believe that employers will have a pretty good idea of what my interests are and how my views align with theirs. This will allow for a much more smooth “feeling out” process during the hiring process.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 4.02.20 PM

Entering the Unknown

The process of finding my career path has already begun as I have started to network with many business professionals and obtained further meetings over the upcoming winter break. Many of these meetings will hopefully result in the dispersion of my resume to many potential employers. Because of this, I am also reworking my resume to include my color scheme of green and charcoal to make the continuity of my various documents more prevalent. With my previous experience through various jobs and internships I am looking to standout through all of the work that we have completed throughout this course. I have really become more organized and much more professional in my writing style. The personal branding techniques that we have learned and created in this class will differentiate myself from other potential employees since it’s not just the average resume and contact list. I now have a portfolio full of ways that I market myself with and that translates to transparency to businesses. I believe that showing transparency is very important because it shows future employers exactly what they are getting.

My Personal Website

Although my personal website is currently under an update you can access it here. Using my website to professionally portray myself will be very useful in the future. It will allow me to periodically update my current events in life as well as give a organized perception of what I am all about. Pairing it with my Instagram and LinkedIn profile will also allow for a more congruent social media presence. If I were to do my personal website all over again I would try to make it more visually appealing through various pictures. I am working to include a link to my Instagram in order to give the page more life and personality. Maybe toying with the layout would make the visual representation a little more appealing to readers as well.

I have enjoyed learning and growing as a writer with all of you guys and I hope to see everyone out in the professional world someday!

Thanks for reading,

John Wharton



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