Reflecting on Lessons Learned

I plan to utilize a great deal of what I have learned in this class to ensure that my personal brand is cohesive and authentic moving forward. First and foremost, I plan to challenge myself regularly by asking what my values are and what I am doing in both my personal and professional life to embody those values. A person’s core values are really what defines the type of business leader and person that will transform into in the future.

Additionally, I plan to maintain a social media presence that is representative of the person that I truly am and who I want people to view me as, including those who do not know me. I believe my values do align with my online persona. My online persona is quite limited, but gives another facet of my personality. I feel that I do a decent job of filtering what I put on social media and what I keep to myself and in my personal life. Again, somebody’s social media presence gives a very surface level view of that person, but the fact that it is available and out there for anyone and everyone is a scary thought. If its just that surface level view of me that an employer is seeing for the first time, I do not want them to be off put by that. First impressions are everything and if an employer has what you appear as on social media in the back of his or her mind when you walk in for an interview, it can be tough to change it.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 4.33.11 PM

The person I would be in the interview would no doubt be a more polished version of myself, but it really would not be drastically different compared to my social media façade. I am satisfied with my current presence (or lack of presence) on social media. My family and friends in real life know who I truly am and what I represent, so I do not feel the urge to publicize that all the time on the web. I believe it is almost better if you have a fairly mysterious online presence. Then people will be more inclined to interact with you face to face and focus more on who you are rather than on what your recent Facebook statuses are.


With the information I’ve learned from this class, I feel I can represent myself across a variety of social media platforms in a manner that is professional yet creative. I feel that my social media presence also is not overtly political or polarizing that it could impact my person brand.  I want to continue to remain authentic and transparent in the ways in which I share content via social media with the world. Recognizing that everything you put out in the public domain is forever imprinted and cannot be taken back is an important lesson.  I have learned how to really utilize my LinkedIn profile and have created a summary statement that summarizes my mission as a potential employee and student and embodies my personal brand.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 4.28.54 PM

A very useful and tangible thing that I will take away from this course is my personal website, which can be viewed here.

My personal website has many components that embody who I am as person and reflect my personality. The color scheme is comprised of more blacks, greys, and whites with a splash of red here and there. This fits my Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 4.29.12 PMpersonality, which is pretty calm and cool, but sparks of passion can be seen here and there. The pictures I chose also embody who I am and contribute to my personal brand. The main photo is not one of myself but shows somebody exploring the beauty of nature in the mountains somewhere. This aligns with my hobbies and what I am passionate about, but does so in a tasteful and professional manner. I want to adjust the theme and layout at some point and possibly purchase a Premium theme. This has been an awesome way to express who I am creatively and I will not doubt be adding to the portfolio page and updating the website as I gain more experience.


Thanks for a great semester everyone! Cheers!


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