Final Reflection Post

As a senior, it’s incredible to me how quickly this semester has gone by. A few weeks ago I was stressing about midterms and while I’m still stressing about finals, I find myself reflecting back on this term. I initially enrolled in this class, with this instructor, because one of my friends told me it was the most valuable course she has taken in college. As the semester draws to a close I have to say I agree with her.

Moving Forward. My life and my work is all about events and making big life moments memorable. I currently work in special events for CU and work to help the school showcase it’s strengths through special events. Lindimore_015This spring I will graduate and move with my soon to be husband to Hawaii (that’s us pictured). It’s a big step (to say the least) and if that wasn’t enough I will also be leaving my current job, and looking for work in a new state. As a result, I will continue to use the branding that I have developed in this course to market myself to an employer. I currently work in events and hope to find work doing events and PR in Hawaii. I think my personal website will be especially helpful in achieving this goal. Check out my website here. I plan to continue to build this website and hopefully develop a portfolio of my work in events thus far.

Looking back. I’m and English major and so I anticipated this course to be relatively simple (I thought I would likely breeze through the “writing” portion of the course. However, I found some unique challenges in terms of thinking about business and how to write about it, as well as how to navigate web design. Again, as an English major this class was a little out of my element in terms of content. I have realized throughout this course, elements of business that I can appreciate like concise writing, and learning how to communicate better in general.

 I wish I had been more patient when learning about word press and design. Although I am proud of the work I have done thus far for this class, I also feel like I could have done more. I think often when we are caught up in the idea of “assignments” as students we lose site of the benefits outside of the grade.  I think that going forward I will continue to work on my website and build my portfolio. It’s interesting how difficult it is to appreciate something when all you can think about it completing an assignment. That said, looking back retrospectively I’ve  learned so much about resume building, teamwork, communicating both in person and via skype and email, and of course writing.

The highlights. Overall, I am so happy I took this course. Yes, I found myself struggling at times but I am ending this course better prepared for the rest of my professional career. Prior to this course, I had no distinct career objective, or properly formatted resume (not exactly something English majors generally write in their classes), or how to communicate in a business setting. I feel very fortunate to have selected this course and appreciate all the feedback from the business majors in this course. I will always be happy with my decision to choose English as my major but I think it’s important to branch out and taking courses from all areas in order to make myself a well rounded, and balanced person.

My hope is that the rest of this class has learned as much as I have and will continue to apply these lessons to both their personal, and professional life. I will miss Colorado and I will especially miss being a part of this university both as an employee and a student. I’ve appreciated being a part of this course, and while I have not met many of you personally, I wish you all the best!

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Jessica Lindimore Robinson

Hi, my name is Jessica. I'm currently finishing up my B.A in English at CU Boulder and am hoping to begin work in the non-profit sector. My passion is helping people and my hope is to apply that passion to all of my professional endeavors.

One thought on “Final Reflection Post

  1. Jessica, as a fellow English major, I feel the ways in which your struggles affected you acutely. I think we were told so many times that we didn’t have to worry about our writing abilities and I think that wasn’t 100% true. English majors (who do well) don’t need to worry about their analytical/critical thinking abilities, but we often need some help in the professional writing department. I’m so very, very glad you took this course and am grateful for all your hard work, and the salient reminder that A&S folks need this stuff too! Best of luck to you in Hawaii!

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