And just like that, the semester is coming to an end. I really can’t believe it but also can’t say that I’m super disappointed. This semester was pretty crazy for me, so the fact that break is so close is pretty great.

This class has really helped me to develop my personal brand. Before the class, I always assumed that social media and posts online should be avoided when looking for jobs. I had always been told that your personal life should be kept separate from your professional life. Now I look at everything that I post as an opportunity for future employers to see who I really am and what I really value. In order to make my personal brand more cohesive and authentic, I plan on doing a number of things:

  1. Expand on my personal blog

Currently, I am a student blogger for CU’s Student Life program. Basically, I get to write about fun things that I do during the semester so that incoming freshman can get an idea of what being a student at CU is all about. The blog allows be to give across a more personal voice and make

A sample from my blog that is currently on my personal website

myself seem more interesting as well. The fact that it is listed on CU’s website is also great because it’s a huge audience platform. Now that I have a better idea of what a personal brand is, I think that I am going to try and expand on this blog for next semester- keeping in mind that everything that I post is a representation of who I am. In order to make things more cohesive, I think that I will also reference my website and blogs on both sites, so that all of my online materials are connected in some way. I went ahead and attached some of my blogs on my personal website, and so far I am happy with the result!

  1. Design

One of the biggest struggles for me this semester has been the design aspect. I am an accounting major for a reason, so the design aspect to the slides, websites, etc… has been a major cause of frustration for a reason. I am still in no way an expert, but I do feel like I have a better grasp of what it means to publish something that reflects your personal brand. I really enjoy simplicity, and I felt that a minimalist tone would be best to represent myself and my degree. I opted for an earthy, brown color template and floral theme to act as my style. I think that my next steps with regard to design is to keep my current color template in mind when I post future works. This class has really taught me that everything is related, so I plan on working hard to make everything that I do look like it belongs together.

  1. Putting it all Together

In order to prepare for the job market, I think that my next step is to use the mediums that we have been working on (personal website, website presentation, etc….) when I start filling out applications. As an accountant, I really think that having more than just a paper resume and cover letter will help me to stand out from other applicants. I am planning on linking my site to my LinkedIn page, and really believe that doing so will give me an advantage as I start to prepare for the job market.






My personal website can be found at The main aspect that I have been working on this semester has definitely been the design. I am a pretty soft-spoken person, so I think that a simple style suits me best. If I had to do everything all over again, I would definitely spend more time in the resource center learning about how to make things more visually appealing. I think that I am on the right track, but there is always room for improvement!



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