Look Back At It

Fall ’15

This semester was unlike any other in so many ways. I cannot start to explain the ways that it has challenged me and taught me so many skills. To to times I was outrageously overwhelmed, you have made me a better man.

WRTG 3040

I will be honest, this class was not something I was too excited about.  I thought that since it is an online class I would have no trouble keeping up and succeeding. I quickly realized I was wrong and this class would require hard work week in and week out in order to receive a good grade. It seemed to be too much meaningless work that would push my stress over the edge when I had so many things on my plate. After getting off to a terrible start in this class, I quickly realized how this class could be a benefit and how I could motivate myself to be interested and engaged. As mentioned before, there were many times I thought that there was no way I could accomplish everything this semester, and that there were not enough hours in the day. From this adversity, I grew. I built upon my weaknesses and put myself way outside of my comfort zone. What this class provided that nothing else could was a platform for these lessons, skills and hardships to be put on display and internally reconciled.

This class gave me the opportunity to isolate my strengths and weaknesses and create a personal brand. A personal brand that could be on display for teachers, peers, employers and more. I was able to blog about certain situations and create resumes, cover letters, and more that have proven to be a big help in applying for jobs and programs. Although this class was a lot of hard work, I am thankful for what it forced me to do.

Group Project

The group project was my personal favorite part of the class. There was plenty of open options to tailor the work we did. Researching and writing about a topic I actually was interested in and cared about was refreshing. I enjoyed working with my group and I believe we did a great job. Sometimes group projects can be overwhelming, but in this class there was a great balance where we were productive when we met and there was not an overwhelming amount of work.


Flash Back

There were a lot of things that I would have done differently if I were able to start this class all over again. The first thing I would do is read the directions more carefully. Allison told us time and time again that the most important part was to read everything she has set out for us and we would do fine in the class. I tried, but figured I could just get by. This ended up being a huge problem for me. I lost 4% of my total grade for not doing 5 comments/ week. These things proved to hurt me in the long run since I did well with everything else, there was nothing I could do about that 4%. I would have also put more work into blog posts. Sometimes, I would get caught into hitting the word count rather than trying to conduct productive research. This is easily fixed since we are allowed to revise most of our work done over the course of the semester.

In conclusion, this class proved to be beneficial. Although I did not see it as so from the beginning, looking back on it shows how much it helped me to relieve stress in the present and prevent stress in the future. I will use the tools learned in this class for years to come and thank Allison for the direction provided and hard work put in.


One thought on “Look Back At It

  1. Garrison, your words mean a lot to me. I know you struggled a bit in the beginning, but your work was stellar and you finished strong. I’m proud of the work you did and I hope you are too. Best of luck in all you do.

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