Started From The Bottom, Now We’re Here

Wow! It is so hard to believe that this semester is already coming to a close. I remember when I first started this class and was feeling very overwhelmed about all the different assignments and projects. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the workload, especially without the conventional classroom setting to fall back on. However, at the conclusion of this semester, I am pleased to say that I have accomplished this course and thoroughly enjoyed all the relevant information the class had to offer.

The Future 

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 2.56.02 PM
The “Contact” page from my website

I am halfway through my Junior year and am starting to look into potential internship opportunities. The assignments I have completed throughout this course have significantly aided in my internship search. I now have a strong resume, personal website, LinkedIn profile, and resume presentation to all serve as platforms to market myself to potential future employers. Moving forward, I plan to maintain the platforms that I created during this class. My personal website  and LinkedIn will continue to serve as an outlet for potential employers to connect with me. Junior year is crucial in terms of building a strong network and foundation of connections that will help tremendously once I graduate. I intend on continuing to improve my personal website in order to establish a powerful, clear brand that is consistent across all aspects of my personal brand.

My Brand 

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 2.58.48 PM
Snapshot from my Resume Presentation

This course has taught me the importance of displaying and maintaining a clear and authentic brand. Portraying a consistent display of related images and values is essential to separating yourself from competitors in the workforce. I am extremely satisfied with how my personal website and resume presentation turned out. I wanted my brand to embody a simplistic, natural feel. I wanted it to be feminine, yet professional. I am an outdoor enthusiast; therefore, I incorporated many nature-related images in my website and resume presentation. I also used various fonts and pink as an accent color to add a more feminine and fun appeal.

If I had to had to recreate my personal website, I

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 3.00.39 PM
Another snapshot from my Resume Presentation

would spend more time exploring different themes. I was intimidated when I first starting using WordPress and had trouble navigating the site. I eventually chose a theme that I liked and thought went well with the overall theme of my personal brand. However, after exploring multiple themes during the organizational branding project, I discovered some really exciting, unique themes that would work better with my website. I plan on going back into WordPress and trying out different themes to find the best one for my personal website.

WRTG 3040

Several of my friends took this course, and they highly recommended it to me, so I was sure I was going to enjoy it. This course taught me to think in new ways and question how I wanted to be perceived by others. My favorite part of the class was creating the resume presentation and the organizational branding project. The resume presentation enabled me to explore different images, fonts, and phrases that would truly capture my essence. I especially enjoyed looking at all the images on Unplash. The majority of these images were nature-related and all displayed the kind of theme I desired to emulate in my personal brand. My group used several of these images as well for our organizational branding project. The group project allowed me to take a closer look at Corporate Social Responsibility in regards to the activewear industry. Business ethics is such a relevant, crucial aspect of conducting business and it was interesting to research which companies strive to implement CSR initiatives into their daily practices. This course helped to prepare me for entering the business world after graduation, and I am happy I had the opportunity to participate in it!


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