This Semester and Beyond

Just last night my roommates and I were sitting in our living room, eating pizza, and talking about how fast this semester went by. Despite the long nights we spent at the library, and the amount of time we spent counting down to Friday night, we aren’t ready for this 10294420724_0300cf921d_oit to be over. Three of our roommates are going abroad along with about 8 of our other friends, we are 18 weeks closer to graduating going off into the real world, and that’s a really scary thought. But looking back on the work I’ve done this semester, specifically in this class, I actually feel like I’m a little bit more prepared for that transition.

Coming into college I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do during my four years in school. I never really saw myself as someone that was capable of working with math and objective principles, but after the Spring 2015 semester I realized that I actually enjoyed finance. However, what really scared me was how competitive and intense that major was. It’s extremely intimidating being 1 of 6 girls in a 30 person finance class, or hearing about all of the amazing internships and experience some of my peers have had. But I decided that I still needed to give it a shot and challenge myself and stick with it because I actually do have qualities that set me apart from other people that have the same hopes and dreams that I do.

I’m not going to lie, before this class the only real thing I had prepared for jobs was a decent resume. I had never designed a webpage, my LinkedIn was mediocre, and I shuttered at the thought of writing a cover letter (which still is somewhat true). But this course challenged me to actually prepare work that is going to benefit me far beyond finals week. And I plan to maintain it. I’ve realized that just because I’m a finance major, that doesn’t mean I have to be boring and uncreative.

I absolutely loved creating my visual resume. I showed it off to anyone that would look at it, not only because it was the first time I’d ever done something creative for a class, but also because I was actually proud of it. I nitpicked every little thing, but I think that it was worth it in the end. I’m hoping that in the future employers actually take a look at it because it actually shows off who I am beyond a one page piece of paper.

My personal website on the other hand, was not my favorite thing to work on, mainly because it was a major struggle for me. I wish that I would have been more patient with the process, and really took the time to figure out how WordPress worked. However, now that I understand some of the basics, I want to go back in on my own time and see what I can create. Although I don’t have a specific reason to post things right now, I think it could be put to good use at some point in the future. On top of my finance degree, I am also pursuing a certificate in Technology, Arts, and Media, so I could see myself applying the things that I learn in those courses to the website.

Overall, I am extremely happy that I took this class, and proud of the work that I did. photo-1419675871098-db2745078906Although not all of it is perfect, I think that I have a good start, and am headed in the right direction. I’ve realized that my professional life doesn’t have to be completely disconnected from my personal life, and I hope that I can find a career in the future that combines the best aspects of both. And as sad as I am that the semester is coming to an end, I’m excited for what the future holds.


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