Writing 3040: A Business Student’s Guide to Writing Professionally

Having taken this class, I believe I have learned an unimaginable amount about writing in the business world.  This class has not only taught me how to write professionally, but also how to write in an effective way that is clear and to the point. Creating a personal brand through the organizational branding assignment as well as resume presentation and personal website, I feel confident going forward into the job market.

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The Future

Planning ahead upon my entrance into the job market, I plan to continue building my personal brand as it will let employers get a true sense of who I am before hiring me. I feel that through my resume presentation as well as my personal website, one can easily see that I am a hard worker who is looking forward to working in the restaurant business after graduation.I believe that my personal brand will be both cohesive and authentic through the use of modern day technology such as a visual resume and an Instagram dedicated to all things food and restaurant related. I believe that if people see my passion for the  business and the eye I have for presentation, I will be a great addition to a number of restaurants. photo-1428515613728-6b4607e44363.jpeg

Going forward, I plan to prepare for the job market working with my mentors. Through the business school, I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with professionals through the Professional Mentorship Program. Through this program, I plan to undergo mock interviews to prepare myself for interviews upon graduation. In addition, one of my mentors has helped me get in contact with a restaurant owner in Florence, Italy, where I will be studying abroad next semester. During the next semester, I plan on working/interning at this restaurant in hopes of gaining experience and knowledge about just what goes on behind the closed doors of the restaurant business. It excites me to know that working in a restaurant is a busy, people-oriented job. I could not be more excited to work in a place that serves as a place for families and friends to join each other for a enjoyable meal and company.


I thoroughly enjoyed creating my own website this semester. I believe Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 4.59.11 PM.png
creating this website helped me realize how to create a personal brand as well as another means for people to get to know the real me. I like that my website has an image of the mountains, as I was born and raised in Colorado and spend as much time as I can outdoors. I also like that my website has links to my LinkedIn as well as my resume presentation and general resume. I think this provides potential employers a fantastic way to get to know me slightly before an in-person interview. If I had to create a personal website all over again, I believe I would add another page including pictures of things I enjoy as well as pictures of events I have helped plan and restaurants I have found visually appealing. By adding these images, a potential employer will be able to see my passion and vision for a management and event planning position in a restaurant. I also think adding various restaurants I have been to as well as reviews for such restaurants would be a great feature to have on my website. This would allow others to see the diversity of foods I love and am interested in working with one day. View my website here!

Overall, I am so happy that I took this class. I believe I learned an unsurmountable amount about professional writing that will only help me in the future. I am now more confident in my writing and feel ready to take on the job market upon graduating from the University of Colorado.


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Hi there! My name is Ella Stapp and I am currently a Junior at the University of Colorado. I am in the Leeds Business School and am majoring in Operations Management. I am hoping to obtain a career in restaurant ownership and management. I have started this blog for an online class I am taking, but am looking forward to add professional as well as personal experiences on here. Happy reading!

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