Moving Forward

As a sophomore, contemplating the job market and the future of my career is a bit of a daunting task. I’ve yet to declare, but next semester I have decided to pursue communications and the TAM certificate. I’m grateful for this course and all the things I’ve learned. I feel as though some of the assignments surrounding personal branding have really opened up my eyes as to who am I and who I want to be! So where am I going from here? After I declare, I plan on applying for an internship in the field of communications. My mother works in non-profit and has a few internship leads in the field that I feel would suit me just fine. Hopefully this summer one of those internships will give me a boost in the right direction and help me start establishing and honing in important skills I’ll need in the future. I feel I can really start reframing and tailoring my personal brand given this insight and direction I’ve chosen. Below I’ve included my favorite slide of my visual resume, my accomplishments slide. I’m not sure why this slide is my favorite, I’m just really fond of it!

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 2.44.26 PM.png

Here you can find my personal website. As far as my personal branding goes, I wanted to highlight a few aspects in particular. I want people to associate my name with color and creativity! I’m very artistic and passionate about photography, art, and aesthetics (both in real life and in the virtual media realm). I want to communicate to people that I’m good with media and have novel ways of thinking. The first thing you see when you open up my website is a header image of the mountains that I took myself. Next you’ll probably see my visual resume (which I really love how it turned out!). One of my favorite things I’ve done with my website is under the portfolio section. Like many resumes, it’s valuable to showcase your skills and talents that may be outside of your work experience but delve into who you are as a person. I created a little google slide presentation of some of my personal photography that I feel supplements my website nicely and shows viewers a little bit of who am I and what I love. Here is the header image to give you a feel of my personal brand and interests:


If I had to do it all over, I’d probably pick a different theme and choose different colors. I like the “meat” of the website, but feel the design is a little lackluster. As someone who loves media, creativity, and creation, if I had the time I would have re-done everything! I’m super nit-picky and feel like I could’ve done a way better job. I like the theme I chose but I feel like it doesn’t fully encapsulate the vision I had from the get go. What I’ll take away from this course is all the skills (and resources!) I’ve gathered and I plan to put them to good use. I think in the future I’ll create a different website for my personal brand/resume when I’ve got a little more work experience under my belt. I want to really showcase my media skills in the department, especially since I’ve decided to pursue the TAM certificate. In the past, I’ve put hours into coding and photoshop to make my or friends blogs/personal websites look like perfection. When I have the time, I really want to do that for myself. I have some plans in the works and I’m excited to see how it all comes together. I plan on using Lynda, the photo image galleries that have lots of royalty free goodies, and the info-graphic creator again soon! Overall, I really enjoyed this course and can’t wait to recreate my personal website when I’ve declared and headed in the direction I want to be in.


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