Past Structuring The Future

11312895_10204474225679194_4690119819647673565_o copyThroughout this semester we have worked on a series of projects and assignments that have helped shape our values, skills and professional appearance. This class has helped me realize who I am as a person and what I value through what I post on social media. The posts I put forth on social media represent the person I am to other people who do not know me well. Also I’ve realized the importance of my style of writing and how other people interpret my written messages. What I really appreciate about this class is it opened my eyes to the importance of tone and character. I want people to see the real me and after realizing the different tools I can use to help people see my character, I feel I will be more successful. Every assignment completed this semester will help in my professional career later down the road.

Personal Website:

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 10.06.48 AM

Maintaining and updating my personal website, social media sites, resume and others will help out immensely in preparing for the job market. When reflecting back on all that was accomplished this semester I would have to say that creating my own personal website was very beneficial. Now anyone can go to my website on WordPress and familiarize themselves with who I am and what I have done. The website has my resume, contacts, past projects, description of who I am and a gallery of pictures from my mission trip to Nicaragua. I am proud of my accomplishments thus far and people can see that through the presentation of my personal website. I put effort into showing how important the community is and how I value helping others. As I go forward, I will continue to expand on my work in the community, such as my efforts during this holiday season to help feed the homeless and other projects closer to home. Showing people that I continue to better others’ lives will bring consistence to my personal brand.

Helping Shape My Future:

Overall this class has been very beneficial to my future. From developing a strong resume and cover letter to creating this unique, customer personal branding website, I feel I am more prepared to take on the real world. If I could do it over again, I would take more time really digging for things that make me special. I think I can go forward and find more pictures, more websites, and more items that truly portray the person I am. As I build on myself and my personal website, I will always keep in mind the tools we learned in this class. Tone and ethics are two of the main tools we explored that I will take forward with me. I did not really consider these two things before I started this class but now I will use them profusely when I enter my first job.


Working in a group and creating different platforms to pose our stance on issues within the Tea industry was fun and very beneficial. There were challenges in working with a group on an online class. It was our responsibility to delegate roles and make sure everyone was doing what they were assigned to on a tight schedule. Keeping all members on the same page and delegating roles was a tough task but I realized when everyone is on the same page some amazing things can be created. I took what I learned from these assignments and challenges and saw how they can be applied to a real job. In the near future I plan on landing a job or internship that relates directly to what I want to do as a career. I feel I will be more prepared for what is thrown at me in the future and to ultimately achieve success.


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