Reflections & Plans

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Where to go from here?

At beginning of this course I was not familiar with WordPress or the huge importance of having a cohesive brand. Throughout the course I felt like all of the assignments were very challenging at first, but as the class progressed and I began to understand why these things are so important I am very thankful that I now have much more knowledge on the subject. Now that I have taken the steps to become a more professionally conscious writer as well as personal marketer, I am able to be aware of and change my brand image as needed in the future.

The Future

This class has helped me tremendously in regards to my future plans and resume/ resume presentation. I am currently a senior at the University of Colorado, Boulder. I plan to graduate in May of 2016 with my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance. I am very interested in real estate and more specifically land development, and plan to pursue a career in that industry. I enjoy hiking, biking, skiing, and all outdoor activities. I believe that creating a resume presentation and the whole project really open my eyes up to ways of standing out and presenting myself in the future.


In terms of the website presentation, I think that it is a great asset to have when applying for jobs or internships and jus to have an online professional representation of yourself. In the portfolio part of my website I was able to elaborate on some of my experiences such as one of my projects. The Entrepreneurial Finance Project required me to Individually create a twenty-page analysis of the Venture Capital Methods of Valuation, specifically pertaining to High-Growth Start-Up Companies. I analyzed a specific company as well as the industry as a whole and highlighted the pros and cons associated with each method of Valuation. As well as allowing me to show my skills in an very effective and user friendly website. My OPIM Project required a team of five classmates and we created an eighty page proposal for an agricultural business start-up. Planned operations, market channels, projected sales, and gained an overall insight for the operations and financials a business will face during their inception. laurenThis is just one example of how the website clearly shows my experience in a professional way. In order to improve my site overall I would like to have added more content and links to useful sites that represent me in the way I would like to be perceived. I also would liked to improve the overall layout of the site so it is more clear what page you are currently on.

Here is the link to my personal site:

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I am very thankful for everything that I have learned over the course of this class! This class has progressed my personal development in ways far beyond what I thought I would achieve. I feel confident that I can leave this class and produce professional documents that incorporate the principles of UCD with attention to the audience. Understanding my audience has been a large improvement upon my past understanding before taking this course. I know way more about understanding what perspectives and ideals are associated with different groups and how my own personal perspective can allow me to communicate with groups in different ways using different methods. Overall I am very thankful for everything that I have learned over the course of this class and hope that everyone else took away as much as I did!




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