Hello Classmates

IMG_1893Recognizable me: This is me to the left back home in Wisconsin doing what I love. When I am home you can almost always find me out in the woods or on the water hunting and fishing. This picture to the left was taken this fall in Shiocton Wisconsin, which is where I do most of my hunting. I enjoy any type of hunting that gets me out in the woods or marsh, but i dedicate most of my fall pursuing deer with my bow(this picture was from gun season), as well as a considerable amount of time waterfowl hunting.

Where I’m at: I am a sophomore here a the University of Colorado Boulder, however I haven’t been for long. Until last week I have been studying at University of Wisconsin Madison, but decided to make the move out here. I enjoyed Madison, but I have always wanted to come out to Colorado and have been looking for a school that would allow me to get out and be active, which I believe I’ve found. I also have a brother who is a senior at the University of Denver, one cousin who goes to Boulder, and know one other person here at Boulder, so it has been nice having at least a couple connections here making the transition a little smoother.

I am currently unemployed and focusing on school, however I may be in the job market soon. In the past I have done mostly manual labor such as working in warehouses, an oil terminal, and for a plumbing company, but last summer I had a nice change and worked for a resort in northern Wisconsin. I am hopeful I will be back in Wisconsin this summer working to improve my resume and technical skills through an internship.

What I want: Honestly, the main reason I took this class is because it is required, but I am also excited about what I will get out of it. I am looking forward to creating a resume, website, and Linkedin account, as all three of these are valuable assets in the business field. I am also hoping this class will help me to improve my professional business setting writing and research skills. Overall I am hopeful this class will help to prepare me for a career in the business field in terms of my writing, as well as through the creation of a resume, website, and Linkedin account.

Where to find me: I am still getting familiar with the area, but recently you have been able to find me on the mountain. The weekend before school started I spent one day snowboarding and two days attempting to familiarize myself with skis at Keystone Mountain. Also, I spent this past weekend at Crested Butte Mountain with a group called Boulder Freeride, which was so much fun. Now that we are back at school I have been spending most of my time around campus in class, the library, the rec center, etc. I was able to hike the Mount Sanitas Trail last week, and would highly recommend it to those who are interested in a fun hike close to campus. If you make it all the way to the top you will be rewarded with a beautiful view.

As I said earlier, when I am back home I spend most of my time hunting just north of a small town called Shiocton, or near the boarder of Wisconsin and the Michigan Upper Peninsula with my family at our cabin. While at our cabin we spend most of our time simply hanging out, relaxing, and fishing. I can’t wait to be back.

I listen to all different types of music, but if I had to choose I would say Dave Matthews Band is near the top of my list because of the shear volume of good music they’ve produced. This summer I was able to see Dave Matthews Band in Alpine Valley, which is an awesome venue in central Wisconsin. That was my first real concert and I have to say it was an amazing experience.


16 thoughts on “Hello Classmates

  1. Hey Zach. My husband is from Wisconsin and we spend a good deal of our summer up North in St. Germain (A bit further than Shiocton). We have a pretty little spot for our camper on Big Saint and it’s divine.

  2. It is nice to meet you Zach, and also welcome to Colorado! With how much you like the outdoors, Colorado is the perfect place for you. When the weather gets warmer, you should go and climb a fourteener, I’ve done 3 and it is a great time. I bet it is nice having family and people you already know out here with your transition. When I went to my old school, Drexel University, I didn’t know anybody or have any family out there which was tough at times and something I was jealous of that other people had. My family is big into hunting and goes whenever they have the chance. I don’t go as much, but I have been duck hunting plenty of times. Can’t wait to get to know you better throughout the semester!

    1. Its nice to have another hunter around! So far I haven’t met many other people who are real into hunting. Im hopeful I will be able to get out around here next fall, however I may be a bit lost at first as this is very new territory and a different style of hunting. If you’re ever looking for a hunting partner I’d always be down!

      1. I could imagine you haven’t found too many people who go hunting at this school, however all of my friends that go to CSU hunt and so do all their buddies! But yeah that makes sense, when I go with my family, we go all over Colorado honestly, there’s a lot of territory. But that would be awesome!

  3. Nice to meet you Zach. I hope you are enjoying Boulder, it is a great place and too many people take it for granted! I have never been to Wisconsin, but I really want to go to see really how good the cheese is.

  4. Good to meet you Zach. Hopefully you’re enjoying Boulder in your little time here so far. I’ve only been hunting once but your picture is awesome. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions about fun things to do in Boulder and such.

    1. Nice to meet you too. So far Boulder has been awesome, but I’ve still got a lot too learn. You should definitely go hunting again–it is a great way to get out and enjoy the outdoors. I appreciate the help!

  5. Welcome Zach!! Colorado is a beautiful place and I’m glad you chose to come here to continue your studies! I have a friend who goes to Wisconsin so maybe you guys have crossed paths!! However he is a Junior so maybe not :). Get out there and meet the people you will connect with, it’s easy and people are so welcoming!!

  6. Hey Zach! Its really nice to see someone in Boulder who enjoys hunting- I don’t see them around too much. I grew up in a huge hunting family and have done some myself. I am really glad that you have found your place here in Boulder. Like most of us would agree, it’s such an amazing place to be and an even better place to learn. It also extremely nice that you have family and friends out here. I bet that it makes the transition a lot easier than anticipated. I am in the same place as you in terms of what I want out of this class. Although it is required, I think the material is so practical we will get a lot out of it!

    1. Hi Taylor! It’s awesome meeting someone who also enjoys hunting! Im hopeful next fall I will be able to get out a couple times around here, as I have never gone a fall without hunting. So far Boulder has been great, so I can imagine how it’ll be once I am fully accustomed. If you have any tips/suggestions for hunting in Colorado Im completely lost out here and always looking for new information!

  7. Hi Zach, nice to meet a fellow Wisconsinite. I’m from central Wisconsin, in the Kettle Moraine area southeast of Lake Winnebago. Never was much of a hunter, but I did keep my love for fishing, brats, and of course the Packers since moving away 16 years ago. Best of luck in this class.

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