Fat Albert says, “Hey hey hey!”


Recognizable me: Hey fam! I’m Julia Spee, but all you kids can call me Jules. I’m a strong and independent lady from the one and only Emerald City – Seattle, Washington. And with that being said, yes coffee is my lifeblood, yes it does rain a lot there, and yes go Seahawks, Mariners, Sounders, and Sonics (we’re getting them back real soon I just know it). I’m proud to say I stem from a group of misfits brought together by adoption. My siblings are from China and Laos and I am from Colombia. We seem to tolerate each other. It works.

I live and breathe sports. For serious. Football is my favorite thing on the planet (right before anything with coconut) and college sports tend to excite me the most.


Where I’m at: If you can’t find me in Boulder, you’ll find me in Denver at the Pepsi Center. I work as a marketing intern for the Nuggets and Avalanche. If you’re a fan of either team let me know and I can try to get you tickets for a game! It’s a pretty good gig considering sports marketing has been my dream job since like, forever. Actually my first dream job was to be a sports agent but when I found out that it mostly consists of hiring high class strippers and I thought ehhhh better not.

I am a Junior at the Leeds school studying marketing and going to get a certificates in Business of sports and TAM, or technology arts and media. I absolutely love the TAM program and am considering bumping it up to a minor. I love that technology has the potential to do so much and want to keep learning how to appropriately utilize the amazing power.

This summer you can find me around this neck of the woods studying and stressing over the business of sports certificate. So let’s kick it if you’re around town!


What I want: Quick side note: I’m a bit odd. I’m shy and outgoing all at the same time. You’ll probably understand what I mean after I start working with you all. I really love learning and cannot get enough of it. A pun can make me laugh until I cry. It doesn’t even have to be clever. So yes, I too have to take this class to gradjiate and stuff, but I’m really looking forward to bettering myself and rounding out my skill set! I’ve honestly never been a strong writer so I’m ready to buckle down and take it on considering this will most likely be my last writing class ever. I ultimately want to be confident enough in my work that people feel it won’t be a waste of their time to read.

I cannot express how much I have grown in coming to college. I am the first person from my school district to come to CU since ’09 and am so proud of that title. I couldn’t picture myself anywhere else but this beautiful town. There is so much opportunity surrounding this area and, I know everyone says this, but the vibe is just always so great. I think it’s hard not to succeed here because it’s hard not to surround yourself with amazing people.


Where to find me: My social media presence is out there but it’s nothing fancy. A while ago I looked at the activity on my Facebook realize somebody would probably think I was a young mother of 2…  lots of articles about child psych, at home DIYs, healthy recipes and local news… So I cleaned it up and now hardly even touch the thing. Anyways, my insta is a little livelier if that’s more your style.

I tend not to have a lot of free time lately, which is sometimes sad, but I know is totally worth it in the long run! When I do get free time, I’ll be binging Hulu or Netflix while simultaneously online shopping with the very little money I have.


All in all, I’m excited to get to know all of you! We’re going be homies, I can tell!


10 thoughts on “Fat Albert says, “Hey hey hey!”

  1. Jules, it’s nice to meet you! That is pretty sweet that you have siblings from different places of the world, not too many people get to experience that. I’m a big sports fan as well, but obviously for the Broncos (still better about the Super Bowl 2 years ago), Avalanche, Nuggets, and even the Rockies. I am pumped for the Broncos vs. Patriots game on Sunday, I hope the Broncos can pull through and get the win. Being an intern for the Avalanche and Nuggets must be such a great time and experience and it sounds like you are on the right track to be doing something in sports well after college. Just like everyone else has been saying, Boulder is such a great place to be at and I couldn’t ask for a better college experience. Can’t wait to get to know you better over the semester.

    1. I’m so excited for this weekend of football games! They should be great! And thank you, I feel weird already living an adult life (sort of) but still trying to live the college life while I can.It’s a delicate balance that’s for sure. I, too, am looking forward to getting to know you better!

  2. Hey again Julia! Crazy that we ended up in the same class. Hope life has treated you well since Spain 🙂 I had no idea that you were from Seattle. How do you like it? I have been looking to go to the northwest during the summer for an internship! I hear nothing but amazing things about it! I’m glad I’m not the only one that relies on coffee as a source of life. I blame being in Europe for most of summer- since they drink expresso multiple times a day! TAM and Business of Sports are two programs that I really wanted to pursue but they wouldn’t fit in my schedule. Good look!

    1. Oh my gosh, hi how are you?! Everything about Seattle is amazing. I STRONGLY suggest that you take an internship anywhere in the Pacific NW because the summers there are the world’s best secret!

  3. Hey Jules,
    That’s really cool that you have an internship with both the Nuggets and Avalanche, I bet thats a blast. Have you had the opportunity of meeting players and coaches? What is it like being an internship for either of those organizations? The reason I ask is because I’m interested in marketing internships similar to yours. Thanks for a reply!

    1. Hey Aaron!

      I have gotten to meet some players and coaches. I’ve done everything from helping with media day (aka the day ESPN and the league come and take all pictures and videos of players all day long for stuff all season long) to working in office on little projects! I absolutely love this job and this company, I have learned so much so far and can’t wait to keep going. It’s definitely a competitive position but the biggest helper is networking. That’s how I got this. So don’t be afraid to extend a hand to people, you never know what can happen.

  4. Hi Julia! It is so nice that you are from Seattle. I had a great time with my friend when we travel to Seattle. It is summer the view of the Seattle is great! The weather is fine and food there is great. We all hope to visit there again. I also like home DIYs, healthy recipes, it is very interesting to do home DIYs, and I even made a little cabinet by myself.

    1. Yay! I’m glad someone else has visited and loves my city! Summer time in Seattle is the best thing ever, honestly. As for DIYs I haven’t made anything like cabinets before: that’s a little out of my skill set. I like the ideas that make great at home gifts for people!

  5. Hey Jules! Thats awesome that you work for the Avs and the Nuggets! My good friend works for the Tampa Bay Bucs and he absolutely loves it. I actually visited Seattle for the first time this past summer and I loved it. I stayed in Queen Ann with my cousins and spent my days out exploring the city. I hope that I can go back soon!

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