Hey Everyone!

994037_628519767211036_354544582_n Recognizable Me:  Hello all, my name is Caleb Britt.  That’s me in the red on the left side of the picture, with all of my roommates.  Unfortunately this may not be the most recognizable me, as this photo was taken my sophomore year. I am now a senior here at CU Boulder studying Finance with a minor in Economics.  I am originally from Pittsburgh (Go Steelers) and moved to Colorado for my freshman year of High School.  I do all of the stereotypical Boulder things: hiking, Pearl Street, the mountains, etc… and going home to visit my parents and two puppies. I love Boulder and could not have asked for  a better college experience.

Where I’m at: Like I said earlier, I am a senior in my last semester, which I am definitely a little bummed about.  Everyone should milk college as long as possible, its a very bittersweet ending.  I only have 9 credits left this semester so it is smooth sailing for the rest of college.  I turned 21 this past October, which for whatever reason feels very old to me.  I am living on the hill on 11th and Pleasant this year, so a lot of the time you can find me there on my couch with my roommate who is coincidentally in this class…  For anyone deciding on whether or not to live on The Hill, 100% do it.  

I currently work at a bank in Denver, so I spend a lot of my time staring at excel on my computer there.  For the most part, all of my time is either spent here or at school.  This has been a great opportunity to get my feet wet in the banking industry and realize that it is definitely what I want to do Post-Grad.  I strongly recommend any under-classmen get internships in whatever it is you’re interested in, most majors are much different in practice than in school.  I just accepted a job at a bank in Durham for Post-Grad and experience was monumental in that decision.

What I want: As I’m sure everyone will put in this section, I am taking this class because it is required.  Being a senior I do have a final resume, cover letter and Linkedin, but I believe this will be a great opportunity to improve on all 3.  The main thing I look to get from this class is just an overall increase in my ability to affectively communicate via writing.  Writing is by far my weakest hard skill, and it is clearly very important in the professional world.  I also believe this will be a great opportunity to improve on my blog-style writing.  At work I have been given the opportunity to write pitch books and term sheets, which could not feel any more different than this style of writing.

Where to find me:  If anyone feels like connecting with people from this class you can find me on Facebook, Twitter, and most other social medias.  I spend as much time as possible in the mountains, sometimes snowboarding but mainly in the hot tub.  As stereotypical as it is, I enjoy all types of music.  You can occasionally find me at Red Rocks or one of the many venues in Denver.  I enjoy going to our Basketball games, and sometimes the Football games despite the usual loss.  Like most college students I’m a Netflix junkie and currently am finishing up Dexter and planning on finally starting House of Cards next.  I also seem to have a semi-serious addiction to Chinese food so you can generally find me eating it.  If anyone has any questions or comments please feel free to comment and I’ll make sure to respond.  I look forward to working with everyone!


8 thoughts on “Hey Everyone!

  1. Hey Caleb, looking at you photo you posted I can recognize a few guys in their since I am on the lacrosse team with them! It is probably a little tough being Steelers fan right now after that lost to Denver (Go Broncos). What high school did you go to? I went to Columbine. I am pretty jealous that you only have 9 credits this semester while I have 15. That is awesome that you already are working at a bank and starting to make connections, I’m hoping to do something similar this summer. I could not agree more with you about living on the hill, it is definitely worth it and you for sure get the whole college experience. Once you start watching House of Cards, you will be addicted just like every other show on Netflix, I flew through all three seasons way to quick. Can’t wait to get to know you better over the semester!

    1. Hey Jacob,
      I’ve been roommates with those guys for a couple years and they’re all great guys. I’d rather not talk about the Steelers game…. I went to Erie High, so kind of out in the boonies. If you have any questions about banking/finance in general feel free to ask me. I’ll let you know how House of Cards got for me here shortly. Look forward to getting to know you!

  2. Hi Caleb, I similarly have an addiction to Chinese food, which you may already know. This is awkward to write because we are literally sitting right next to each other right now, but such is life. See you at Bova’s or Cosmos.

  3. Nice to meet you Caleb! Although you are a Steelers fan I won’t hold it against you too much(GO PACK GO). I am planning on studying finance as well, so hopefully after going through the program you still think its a good idea. Congrats on the job for once you graduate! That must be nice knowing you already have something lined up and not have to worry about what you’re doing post graduation. I sympathize with your Netflix addiction, as I have already finished Dexter and House of Cards. They are both great shows, enjoy!

  4. Hi Caleb! So it looks like you’ve been getting slammed with not so empathetic references to last weekend… but I’m right there with ya pal, (go hawks). It also appears that we’re kinda-sorta neighbors! I’m over here at the corner of 11th and Penn heeyyy. Congratties on your secure job after college and get ready to have your mind blown by House of Cards!

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