Hey, what’s up? hello

R459106_10201008712558048_164766558_oecognizable Me: Hello everybody, my name is Ryan Ghiglieri. As most people completely butcher my last name, I will try to help you out as much as I can. The best phonetic spelling I can provide is “gilly – airy”. Most people have a difficult time pronouncing that so basically everyone refers to me as “Gigs”. Feel free to refer to me as whatever you like. Now that I have that out of the way, the strapping young lad you see on the left is me standing on top of the world in Boulder, Colorado. I am 22 years of age and I was born and raised in Oakland, California (go Raiders, Warriors, Athletics, and Sharks!). I am the third child in a family of six with two older sisters and one younger brother. My parents were born and raised in Oakland, they went to the same grade school I went to, and they went to the same high school I went to. It is safe to say that my family is well rooted in the city. I am the only child in my family to move outside of California to attend college, and my mom hates it. My interests include lacrosse, snowboarding, hiking, playing guitar, playing ukulele, cooking, and long walks on the beach. 

Where I’m at: I am currently a senior at the University of Colorado at Boulder. I am in the Leeds School of Business, attempting to finish a double major in Accounting and Finance. Accounting is currently the bane of my existence, but it is necessary for what I want to do later in life. I am aiming to find a job in investment banking once I graduate, so I am sending out resumes left and right. Hopefully I can find a job in the San Francisco Bay Area, but I am willing to relocate if it is necessary to get where I want to go. I am looking for an internship currently to take up the extra time that I have this semester to get some real world experience under my belt.

As a senior, I feel an odd mix of terrified and excited at the same time. Senior year is a wonderful and relaxing time, but the impending doom of reality is growing heavier and heavier each and every day with graduation growing closer. I am excited to see where the next chapter of life will take me, but at this point I have no idea when or where said chapter will begin. Until then, I am still living on “the hill” in Boulder, in a quaint apartment with only one roommate, who is actually in this class. I played on the CU Men’s Lacrosse team for three years and it was a phenomenal experience. My sophomore year we won a national championship it was arguably one of the best things I have ever experienced. Unfortunately, I chose to leave the team last year to focus on my studies and develop myself professionally and personally.

What I want: I really want to graduate, to be honest. I need to take this course in order to graduate, but I see how this course can and will be helpful. I probably could have used this class a year ago because I had to write two absolutely massive research papers, but it’s too late at this point. I want to learn how to better express myself and convey my thoughts in a clear and concise manner. I hope that I can use this class to hone my writing skills and set myself apart during my quest for employment.

Where you can find me: Generally you can find me cruising around Boulder, getting into mischief. In all seriousness, I am usually at home, the library, the gym, or the bars on Pearl Street. I sometimes make the trip to Bova’s Market where they create some of the most delicious and repulsive sandwiches you have ever seen. They even have a secret punch card for loyal customers. Aside from hanging out in Boulder, I like to go up to Keystone every once in a while to snowboard and hot tub with friends. I only go back to California during the holidays so come find me in Boulder and say hi! 




10 thoughts on “Hey, what’s up? hello

  1. Hey Gigs,
    This feels just as awkward as I thought it would posting on your wall, but no one else has posted yet so you’re my only option really…… Let’s get Bova’s tonight. Go Steelers

  2. Hey Ryan!
    I’m glad to hear that I am not the only one who loves Bovas. I don’t think I’ve been there this year yet because I want to limited myself, but my freshmen year I think that was my go to eating spot at night!
    San Francisco is amazing! Both my parents grew up there and I visit often! I wish you luck on that endeavor!!

  3. Nice to meet you Ryan! You should really consider becoming a Packer fan…they’ve got the best team, fan, stadium, tradition, and not to mention have the all-mighty Aaron Rodgers on our side. I used to play lacrosse in middle school and high school, but gave it up because I have so much going on. I can’t imagine what it would be like to win a National Championship! I have been a long time snow boarder, but I tried skiing again for the first time in probably over ten years the other weekend and loved it. I’m hopeful I can get a pair of skis on sale at the end of the season.

    1. Definitely don’t think I’m going to be a packers fan any time soon. Thats awesome that you used to play lacrosse, though. It gets pretty difficult to manage life with sports and academics. I also hope that you get to grab a pair of skis and tear it up this season, the snow is amazing.

  4. Hi Ryan! Congrats on almost-graduation, you got it! And with a double major, that’s going to be amazing. I’m into calling people nicknames so if it ever comes down to it I might call you Gigs.

    1. Thank you very much, I appreciate your faith in me. Because of my nickname, nobody actually calls me by my real name. Some people don’t even know that my name is actually Ryan, but you’re more than welcome to.

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