Hey there!!

Recognizable you: IMG_0685My name is Taylor Barbato and I am a second-semester junior here at CU. I’m originally from Colorado Springs, Colorado where I have lived a majority of my life. (I was born in Omaha, but I prefer to say I am from Colorado!) I have one sibling, a little brother, who is the worst/best thing in my life, and two parents who have given me nothing but the world. Coming from a very large Italian family, they are my pride and joy so I try and see them as much as possible although it gets pretty hectic up here. Maybe you can or can’t tell by this picture but I LOVE to travel. This summer I was lucky enough to spend a month in Europe and I’m itching to go back! I’d like to describe myself as nothing short of a “go-getter” and that’s what I like to live my day to day by. I’m hoping that will pay off in this class!

Where you’re at: Being a junior, my summer will most likely (and hopefully) consist of a full-time internship but I’m sure many of your know that search takes a lot of time and maybe some tears. I am studying finance and pursuing a certificate in real estate. I have been so lucky to have work in two different jobs within real estate, which has absolutely allowed me to develop a passion of living; from interior design to investment to brokerage. Ideally my career path will someday cross with my passion for real estate and financial services! Currently I work as an Accounting Associate at CA Technologies, which just recently acquired Rally Software, which was a start-up out of Boulder. It has been such an amazing experience working for a small start-up and transitioning to work for a large corporation like CA. Sometimes in school, actually a majority of the time, we don’t learn what it means to apply knowledge to work and I absolutely feel like this job has set me up for that.

What you want: Coming into this class I expected a lot of writing that we would do to just get through the class, but after reading the syllabus, I feel that the assignments that we will be doing will be extremely beneficial. Resumes, cover letter, LinkedIn profiles, and personal websites all are things that you wouldn’t see in a typical class but are so helpful to our learning career. Although I feel that I have a lot of this material from previous experiences, I feel that there is no harm in always trying to improve what you already have.

Where to find you: Outside of school and work, I spend a lot of time as a member of the professional business fraternity on campus, Delta Sigma Pi. I rushed at the beginning of my freshman year and ever since I have held three officer positions. It has been such an amazing way to better myself professionally but also create some lifelong friendships that I don’t think I would have got otherwise. When I can scrape up some free time outside that, I love to stay active. That could be hiking, playing intramural sport, attending Pure Barre classes, camping, and the list goes on. In the summer I tend to pack up my Jeep with camping gear, grab a friend and some food and head up to the north shore of Goss Reservoir just outside Boulder. If you haven’t been there, I highly recommend it!! It’s a little rough getting up there, but I think that is part of the fun. Sometimes I take for granted how amazing Colorado is. I plan to truly make the most of this state this upcoming year!

13 thoughts on “Hey there!!

  1. Hey Taylor,
    Cool to hear about your travels to Europe. I feel inclined to go since my Nana lives in Italy, and am hoping to do so during my Junior year summer. What were your favorite travel spots in Europe when you visited?

    1. Hey Aaron! You have to go, it was such an amazing trip. I wouldn’t take it back for anything. If you have the opportunity, I would try and go abroad. I wish that I could’ve. I really loved Venice (obviously), but I surprisingly liked Rome a lot. It is busy and packed but I enjoyed all that was going on.

  2. Hi Taylor! I’m impressed by your working experience, you have two different jobs within real estate and currently you are working as an Accounting Associate at CA Technologies! Your working experiences will help you a lot when you are graduating from college. And I totally agree with you that sometimes in school we just learn the theoretical knowledge, but we still have to learn how to apply these knowledge in our work.

    1. Hi! It has been hard balancing work and being a full-time student but it has been such great experience. I feel like I have already had such great exposure to the real world without being full submerged in it yet! I’m looking forward to creating a network with everyone I have met.

    1. Hi Christian! I really would like to go to Southeast Asia. My boyfriend traveled there last summer to Indonesia and it looked unreal. I haven’t been to Asia or Africa so those are the next palces on my list. I only went to two countries in Europe so I am hoping that I’ll be able to go back soon and travel the northern half!

    1. Hi Austin! You should join. It is such an amazing organization. There are so many opportunities that it provides, whether its socially or professionally. I have met my truest friends through it. Reach out if you ever want to rush!

  3. Hey Curran! Yeah it does sound like we are in the same situation. It can be super stressful trying to prep for something like it. Do you have Curtis too? He seems like a great teacher, just someone who is super passionate about what he does. Which makes me excited! Good luck with the class!

  4. Hey Taylor! I also love to travel. I’ve been to Europe a handful of times now and I really hope that I can make it back soon. I’m thinking of going to London and back to Paris this summer. Maybe Italy if I can make it work. I have an older sister and I’m sure she would be able to relate with you about having a younger brother. She also loved it and hated it hahah

    1. Hi James! Nice to meet you. I hope that I’ll be able to go to Europe as much as you have. It’s such a great place with so many places to see. I doubt there is ever enough time to see it all. You should absolutely go to Italy. It was incredible!

  5. Hi Taylor, nice to meet you. I definitely agree that the things explained in this class will be hugely beneficial. For example, I’ve had the same resume for many years now, but just didn’t know how to fix it. Hopefully this class will help.

    1. Hi Ben, it’s nice to meet you as well. I absolutely agree with you. Sometimes you assume your work is exactly how it should be until you get another opinion. I hope that this class helps with your resume!

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