Hey Everybody

Recognizable Me: Hey guys, My Name is Austin Langrock and i am a sophomore here at CU. I am from Stony Brook, New York, which is on Long Island about an hour outside of New York City.It was a very weird transition from New York to Colorado, but I have enjoyed the change and going somewhere maybe a little bit outside of my comfort zone. My parents are also from Long Island and have been together since they were 13. So thats pretty cool, i have one younger brother still in his junior year of high school. I am a die hard Jets fan and i also root for the Mets, Knicks, and Islanders. I played a lot of sports in high school such as soccer football and lacrosse. This team aspect may be one of the reasons why i joined greek life, to experience that team aspect once again. A few of my hobbies are Snowboarding and Hiking which also played a factor in how i ended up at CU. I am in the leeds school of business with an emphasis in accounting and finance. I am doing the 5 year MSBA accounting program, I am currently taking the new Base class that was just introduced in the business school.

Where I’m at: When I am not in boulder I am probably in the mountains snowboarding, I am in the business school, and i love what I am studying so going to class is fun for me. School has always been a priority to me, and with that being said, that is why i am currently unemployed. I had an internship last summer in New York City with Monster.com, i commuted 5 days a week and learned a lot about the real world along with the knowledge i gained from the actual internship. My dream job would be to have enough money in the stock market i would not have to work and i could just focus on my family, live in a mountain town and going skiing everyday.

What I want: I could have taken a variety of upper level writing courses but i wanted to take this since it went along with my major. I understand that it is required but i enjoy writing and I believe there is a lot i can get out of this class. Improve my grammar and writing in general. This is because as much as i enjoy to write, it has never been my strong suit. I believe this class will make my writing much more professional and will help me improve my business professionalism. This seems like a very interesting and interactive class. Which is good because many online classes are not like this. I am looking forward to what this class will entail!

Where to find me: Like i said before i spend a lot of time in the mountains, i also will go to the rec, workout, play basketball, etc. I also like to spend a lot of time at my fraternity house just hanging out with my friends. Most of my friends are in the business school to begin with so we can all do our work together. I enjoy being around people and making people laugh so that is why i am there a lot. I love all types of music besides country. Too slow. My parents always played the counting crows when i was growing up so i have a special place in my heart for them, and i like their music as well so its easy. As of right now drake and future are my favorite artists, not only do i like there music i like them as people which i think is very important when you like a star, you should like what they do outside of their music. Im laid back and easy to talk so if you want to talk reach out!IMG_3730

One thought on “Hey Everybody

  1. Suh dude. I’m sure you miss the East Coast as much as I do, but I love it here in Colorado. As I am a Patriots fan, and you are a Jets fan, that puts us in a bitter rivalry. We should’ve beat you in December, but it was a great game, as we both know.

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