Hi, everyone!

Recognize Me: Hi, everyone! I’m Yucen Ma. I’m a senior and major in human resources. I understand that my name is hard to pronounce for some English speakers and sometimes people will confuse about how to pronounce my name correctly. But its ok I understand that and if you want I can help you to pronounce my name correctly. I come from Chongqing China which is far away from Boulder. And my hometown is a totally different city from Boulder. Chongqing is a very large city which has twenty million people, and the city is famous for the spicy food and mountains. And where I come from will never be snow, before I come to US I never saw such heavy snow before. When I’m a freshman I really excited for the snow day but now I’m getting used to it. I love my hometown and I hope to be able to find a good job in Chongqing after I graduate.
Where I’m at: Last summer 2015. I spend half of my time in Boulder and other half of my time in China. I took 3 summer courses in May and June. I like summer courses because in that one month you can just focus on one or two courses. And these 3 courses can help me graduate earlier. After I finish my summer courses I return to China. I finally had a chance to meet my families and my old friends. My friends and I are planning a trip to Chiengmai Thailand. It is always fun to experience a different culture. We visit many temples in there and try a lot local snacks in there. Like fried Insects (Not good never want to eat that again!).
What I want: When I’m enroll in this class I know that there will be a lot of writing assignments. I wish I can learn a lot of useful writing skills that may benefit for my future career. After I read the course syllabus, I find out that this course will help me a lot, because I have no experience on the resume, cover letter… But these are all important resources when I’m applying for a job. So I believe that this course will help me do a lot of things before I’m starting to apply for job. And English is not my first language but I will try my best to do every assignment.
Where to find me: You can always find me at CU campus from Monday to Thursday. I always spend free time with my friends. We like to try different restaurant and go shopping together. Sometimes I will visit my friend in Denver and I will spend my whole weekends in Denver. MY friend really enjoys baking, every time I visit her, she will teach me to do one kind of the dessert. Like recently, with the help of her I can make brownies now! I like different kinds of songs, like folk music, popular music and classic guitar music. I almost like every kind of movies but my favorite kind of movie is comedy, recently I saw a movie named “Sherlock: The Abominable Bride”. But this movie is not as good as I expected, because I think the movie plots are not well constructed. If you like Sherlock Holmes’s story. I recommend you to watch the “Sherlock Season 1 to Season 3” they are all from BBC. I love traveling and reading books (Especially Chinese history books) also I took many Chinese history courses at CU, my favorite dynasty in Chinese history is the Tang dynasty because I think this is the golden age of classical Chinese poetry and culture.

. ~I[{FS`K9(5}{K~70[L}Y3C


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