Recognizable Me: Hey I’m Braden Fraser. I’m a Senior Operations and Human Resources Management Major in the Leeds School of Business. I grew up in Littleton, CO (just outside of Denver) until I moved to Orange County, CA in 6th grade. The move made a significant difference in the way I perceive the world and myself. It’s amazing to consider the different aspects of a person different regions of juFraserBradenB3M168st a nation people consider important. Colorado, for example, placed a lot of emphasis on an active lifestyle, while Orange County promoted a high regard of the way people need (extra emphasis on need) to dress and compose themselves. I love the snow and general Colorado climate, which is why I came back for college. I’d have to say its been an adventure form start to finish, but I’m so ready to graduate. I haven’t held any actual internships, mainly because I never felt the need when maintaining a job, not only probably pays me significantly more money, but still opens up career options through their corporate ladder and meeting a vast array of different people. Through work I have met more people from around the country than I have through any other venture.

Where I’m At: Right now I’m living in Boulder, going to on-campus classes full time trying to finish on time. I have no idea where I’ll be at for the summer or subsequent future. Most likely it will either be somewhere in Colorado, Southern California, or abroad. It all just depends on where I find a job and can afford to live. Currently I work two jobs, Crew Member at Trader Joe’s on 29th St. and Associate at Lucky Brand Jeans on 29th St.. After graduating I will most likely stay with both companies through the summer and apply to corporate careers or possibly try to move up within the company at Trader Joe’s. Moving up within Trader Joe’s could potentially mean moving into their corporate offices as a Category Leader or just as moving to another store to become a Mate (manager). Yes, this may sound like a lack of ambition, but trust me they make more than you think and the ability to move up to even higher is great.

What I Want: Effective and efficient resume and cover letters. This is the biggest goal for me in this class. Mainly because both of these are two main resources for getting your foot in the door at future careers. Honestly I believe school is only of small importance to being successful in a career (unless it is mathematically or scientifically required, which business does not fall under), but experience and applicability is incredibly valuable. Scale and proportion of tasks will play a huge part for the transition, but the essential experiences remain the same and can logically be applied to other options.

Where To Find Me: I’m not a social media person. I have an Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. Facebook, with a whopping 29 friends, is the only one I frequent and solely for swapping shifts with coworkers. Music wise, I’m into all types of rock (metal, screamo, Folk metal, and metalcore included), most indie, electronic somewhat and classical. Favorite movies include Pacific Rim, Kingsmen, Howl’s Moving Castle, and A Very Murray Christmas. When I’m not working or at school, I’m most likely sleeping. If I happen to be awake I’ll be split between watching movies/TV and playing Frisbee with friends. Favorite holiday by far is Fourth of July, somewhat distant second is Saint Patrick’s Day. To answer the original question though, its highly probable you’d find me at work. Apparently that’s what I do for fun.

One thought on “Aloha!

  1. Braden,
    I’m also in the Leeds School of Business and am loving my classes thus far, though I know they are only going to ramp up in difficulty from here on out. I think this class will be great especially as we are Business majors, and will help us further develop professionally.

    -Aaron Berns

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