Ridding Yourself of the Millennial Stereotype

As a millennial, I can’t say that I find it surprising that fellow millennials polled by the Associated Press have described our generation as “lazy, self absorbed, greedy, and wasteful.” Unfortunately, I agree with the millennials that were polled, but I have faith that we can break our own stereotypes and leave a positive influence before our time is done on Earth. We have been accustomed to technology our entire lives, and it is because of our technological advancements that we have become a lazier generation. In an article from Monster.com, Jaime Klein of Inspire Human Resources said that Millennials are confident in their abilities and confident when speaking to seniors in a firm when making for promotions. Older generations see this confidence as us acting cocky. We need to prove to ourselves and older generations that we are better than our stereotypes, and in fact we really are. Our generation has the greatest potential of leaving a lasting impact due to our age of technology with continual advancements that simplify everyday life.

Technology has made our lives ten times easier, and fortunately we will never have to experience life without the aid of technology. At least I hope we will never have to live without technology, because it may be difficult to live without the daily visits to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Human Kinetics listed the positives and negatives of technology in society, and in my opinion the positives outweigh the negatives. As a Millennial, I can agree that technology has made us worse when it comes to face to face interactions, however I don’t believe this is the case for myself. However, when comparing our generation to older generations the majority of our interactions occur online while theirs were and still are in person. Our online interactions are a reflection of ourselves, and can have a huge impact on our business image as we will learn about in our personal branding assignment. Millennials have taken advantage of the internet by having a presence in the online world which allows us to have a broader audience to interact with.

The advice I have for my fellow Millennials would be to show respect, be honored for every opportunity we are given, and to execute to the best of our abilities. Especially in the business world, Millennials are stereotyped to be lazy and overly confident and as a business student I feel compelled to go against these stereotypes that older generations have labeled us with. I haven’t had a job thus far, and have only had one internship last summer, however while I was the intern at Badger Max I showed passion and interest in what I was doing and did it to the best of my abilities. I think what scares older generations is that Millennials have a mindset of getting a task done as quickly as possible, and take that as a sign that we don’t care enough about what we are doing to do it as thoroughly as possible. If anything, Millennials are able to do a task very thoroughly while being able to it quicker than other generations of workers. I’m not entirely convince of any of these stereotypes in all honesty, and believe they were made up by older generations because they see an unwavering potential in Millennial workers. We are more educated and will have more real world experience than other workers, especially Millennials that attend business schools like Leeds that change course material and learnings to better prepare us for the constantly evolving workplace.

I didn’t give many tips on how Millennials can debunk these stereotypes and that is because I think these stereotypes aren’t actually real. Yes, technology can make us more lazy, however technology has made our species more productive and innovative than ever.  Us Millennials have no reason to worry, and if anything we should be excited to see how we continue to evolve everyday life throughout the world. Stay positive and focused Millennials; the next forty years of our working life has a lot in store. hi-net-neutrality-852-jpg






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Marketing major at the Leeds School of Business at CU-Boulder

10 thoughts on “Ridding Yourself of the Millennial Stereotype

  1. Aaron, I fully agree with you on the aspect of showing respect to our elders/older generations in the work place. While growing up, my parents made sure that I was constantly showing respect to those who were older than me. I know realize how important this is and am thankful they pressured me to be respectful. Another point I agree with is how our generation has so much potential to leave this world with a lasting impact.

  2. I agree with you that millennials grow up with technologies, they are more comfortable using technology in their daily work. We cannot imagining one day without technology. But technology may bring us negative side, we may not good at face to face communication. And I you’re your suggestion “Millennials are able to do a task very thoroughly while being able to it quicker than other generations of workers” I think when you’re working hard at your work, everyone will see that they will respect you.

    1. Yes, technology could potentially be a downfall for our generation. I guess we will just have to see what happens, it isn’t worth our time debating what will happen when we don’t know! Regardless, I think we will be just fine. -Aaron

  3. Hey Aaron,

    I really like your point that we as millennials have the opportunity to make a serious impact on the future given the technology we have and have grown up with. I wrote my post very similar to you, and am completely on the same page that many of these stereotypes are not actually negatives. I think being tech-savvy is a huge plus, and I also agree with you and don’t really think we have any reason to worry. You make some awesome points!

  4. Aaron, I think you make some great points in your post. I especially like the part where you address how our generation is perceived as lazy. I think that a lot of the perceived laziness is from our ability to use technology to make difficult tasks easy. In theory, that would make us a smarter generation because we are trying to save time to complete other tasks rather than waste time on things that could be done easier and more quickly. Its a very great time to be alive to see where our generation will take the world.

  5. Great advice given in this post! I definitely agree that we should be honored when given opportunity but to stay respectful. I think that’s great advice for showing confidence rather than cockiness. Technology, like curriculums at school, are constantly changing to keep up with the times. Otherwise, there would be no such thing as progress. The great thing about the evolution of technology and learning is that it becomes more accessible to more people and there sure is a lot in store, especially change, in the business world in the coming years.

    1. Accessibility is a huge part to the success of our generation..and even past generations in that case. Technology has helped progress our species a lot, and I’m excited to see what happens in the future. -Aaron

  6. Technology could be the downfall of our generation!!!! someone has to stop it, if it is not Kayne, you are going to have to be the one to do it!

    i love what you said about the stereotypes and how unfair we are treated.

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