obedience does not mean success


For me, I think lots of millennials have a great ambition for the future. And without social experience or with a little experience, millennials may make lots of mistakes which seem like difficult for those experienced people or bosses to accept, and then argument begin. Here is a article New York Post talking about how to avoid conflict with your millennials boss. Millennials are more passionate, activated, energized and uninitiated, so they need a mentor to remind them to reduce obvious mistakes. That’s right, millennials prefer text message instead of face to face talking. Millennials cannot live without technology, and Internet is really useful. You can get feedback on social media like Facebook and you can also recommend and advertise your product or business on social media. For old generation, they may not use this technology, and that’s why they may think that using Internet is wasting time. Once, they realized that Internet is useful, they may change their mind. Communication is necessary for boss and staff, they need to get different ideas and then make something new. Millennials like innovative which may not accept for the old generation. Throughout the history, human experienced the stone age, industrialization era and more. The society need innovative to improve, so people cannot be stereotypes. I think old generation should suitable with the new ideas and change.

Here is a article from Express Employment Professionals. This article talks about strengths and weakness about millennials. The response shows that millennials are good at technology. That’s right, millennials can completely use technology. The response also shows that millennials have lots of weakness, like productivity, lack of commitment and over-inflated sense of self. Those are horrible behaviors for the millennials. Lots of millennials are lazy and they begin things late. Beginning late will reduce productivity and quality, cause you begin earlier, you will have enough time to do well otherwise you will do hurried and make things terrible or mess up everything. When you realized there is no enough time for you to make result perfect, you will do everything to finish, just for finishing business instead of giving a perfect result to customers. The most important trait we cannot see on millennials is lake of commitment. Youngers not like old generation, they are to young to response to commitment, also, they may not realized how important to complete their commitment. Old generation, they know, so millennials need them to guide. Millennials are over-inflated sense of self, and rude to old generation.

In China, old generation always need or require millennials to be respect and obedience. They not allow millennials to refute them, and in this polite way, cannot change the situation even make the situation more bad. During of after the discuss or debate, there will be lots of ideas come out. Millennials have totally different ways to manage a company, they opinion is that there is no different between boss and employees, and we are all struggle for our dream. In this way, employees will be willing to do the job and change passivity to initiative.

I advice that millennials should be more respect, diligent and responsible, because respect can give customers a good impression which is helpful for a businessman and do not be over-inflated sense of self. Beginning business or working earlier can produce a better result than starting things late. And as the growth of the age, millennials will be more responsible. We can not judge people’s behaviors right or not, cause people in different situation has different ideas. And people always make mistakes, nobody can avoid mistakes. I believe though millennials kind of lazy and lack of responsible, they will do better in the future.



2 thoughts on “obedience does not mean success

  1. Great post! I want to expand on the need for a mentor a little bit. I completely agree that no matter your industry or goals, a mentor is a great thing to have. And yes, as you stated, a mentor will definitely protect you from making obvious mistakes. However, I think a mentor is important for more reasons than just that. The Old Generation (as you called it) was more singularly focused. Do one thing, and do it well, and you’ll have success. Now, leadership and success in the workplace is so much more than that. It is so incredibly one dimensional, and workplaces are realizing this. This is why mentors are important. I always try to have at least one professional mentor in my life at all times. My first mentor was a vice president of technology within my corporation. I was excited to be his protege because I thought he would share all this fascinating technology with me. Instead, he taught me how to build my brand, how to think strategically, and how to be a strong leader. At no time did we ever talk about emerging technology. This proves my point that you need much more than to just be good at your job. You need to be extremely well rounded and aware of everything.

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