Stereotypes of millennials



The millennials are growing up with new technologies. They have good ability to deal with all technologies, and they are welcome new technologies to change their life. These people are likely to be one of the most creative generation today. One of the Fortune article mentions that “Millennials are the 54 million adult Americans aged between 18 and 34 in 2015 now make up one third of the American workforce, the largest generation at work.”  Millennials are largest generation at work today, but some people may have Stereotypes for them. Like lazy, selfish, and disloyal . People may get these incorrect stereotypes because they are not very understand people from this generation.


One the one hand, companies are trying their best to improve their management skills  to help Millennials more engage in work. They are finding the best way to adapt Millennials working habits and trying to find new ways of working. On the other hand, the Millennials are improving their image from their coworkers . In the article from Radio Boston, there are 6 biggest stereotypes. There are “They’re too entitled”, “They’re not loyal”, “and They don’t want to work hard”… To break these stereotypes there are some suggestions. First, when managers or boss assign your work, you need to think about what else I can do to make it better.  Once you have this thoughts in your mind, every time you are doing your work you will try your best to accomplish your work. When your coworkers and managers see your efforts they will all respect you. Second, be professional in the Workplace. Be professional means be dependable and responsible for what you are doing. When doing a specific project with other group members in the workplace, you need to be responsible for your work, turn your work on time, and be professional about what you are writing. This is kind of like college, but if you act improperly in your workplace that may lead you fired. The third is, start early for everything. Start early can help you gain enough time to get to prepare everything, like doing a presentation in front your boss, you do not want to give a stumble presentation in front of your boss. Do not act like in college sometimes we are waiting for the last minute to finish our work. The fourth is, learn from people do their work well. Sometimes watch people’s good behavior in the workplace can bring a new way to think and act. So you can introspection what you are doing wrong in the work and improve what you are doing right. The last one is, build positive relationships with everyone in the working place. The positive relationship in the work environment will bring harmonious working atmosphere, good working atmosphere will let you feel less stressful and work more actively.


When millennials enter in the work place, they are bring their own features in the workplace. Some of the features are good for the company’s development and their own career. The millennials are bring innovation ideas, like Facebook, the founder Mark Zuckerberg is one of the millennials. Nowadays almost everyone or even most of the company have their own Facebook page. Facebook bring us a totally new way to meet people and new way to build our social network online. Millennials enter in the work place will also bring new energy and makes the workplace more diversity. When an organization have a diversity of employee that will Increased adaptability and every time when company need to make a decision, the boss can heard variety of opinions from different groups.


2 thoughts on “Stereotypes of millennials

  1. I like your blog post, you make some good points in your post. I think it is very key for people in our generation to look to do more than the bare minimum. It is perceived as lazy and it does not impress anyone when you just do what you are told and no more. I think that you made some good points about how our generation is stereotyped, but the fixes to our “problems” don’t really require much work. In many cases it takes a small lifestyle change or attitude change and it will make a huge difference.

  2. Great post! I love the 5 steps of advice that you give. Going above and beyond in an assignment you’re given at work is a great way to not only show you deserve respect, but it also shows the drive and determination behind many independently-minded millennials. It’s so important and great that you brought the reality to light about the potential of getting fired for sloppy work. It seems so simple, yet it’s easy to forget about the consequences of losing a job when you’re on your own as an adult.

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